Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why Do You Weigh More After You Poop

Zanzibar - Giancarlo NARCISO

I expected much more from a book that has bothered Sandrone Dazieri. Ten style of the author, five to the plot, two complacency toward the exaltation of the first tiramm typical of those who do not want to grow.

is disguised as a noir, but it has nothing to noir. It is the story of a man who left Italy for Central America, spending a life of devices more or less read between drugs and women that are the envy Belen Rodriguez. The dark presence that follows it is named for the first time in the last hundred pages, and who is this presence is easy to imagine it being one of the characters sketched with more ambiguity throughout the book. History
very trivial, sometimes overly stereotypical, if not for the author who manages to be curious style pounding, fast and exciting would be a total flop.

FINAL VOTE: 6 / 10


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