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Criticism: all right or privilege of a few?

In this period I often discuss whether it is right to express their disagreement with the books that we liked very much. Sure, it may be, if the author is pompous and criticized by those who make the criticism of the profession. The problem arises when a gentleman like me no one is allowed to criticize those who are with patched ar ass like myself, that the authors seek to emerge in the Italian publishing publishing with small to medium sized publishers.

last year, by choice and a bit 'to job (because being Administrator of a forum dedicated to emerging writers with over 1,300 members is a job for all purposes ...) I read many novels debut. You want names? Just read the reviews category, to find some.
all stem from an account I have set out on the forum Writer's Dream , in which I wondered why the texts of emerging authors were mostly below the sufficiency, although these small and medium-sized publishers, not asking for any contribution the authors as it should be, should focus on the quality and marketability of the texts. The discussion then continued on blog Writer's Dream and on the fan page Facebook, always Writer's Dream, with fairly bright tones and often below the threshold of civil discussion.
Most people who have participated in these discussions (thank goodness) agree with me that publishing a book is exposed to criticism, so a player who opens his wallet and spend its fine to buy the € 14-18 Mr. No one who wrote his first novel, has every right to say that the novel has found the poor.
Others, unfortunately, many argue that a single player is not entitled to express their opinion, because not supported by an appropriate degree or professional qualification suitable. In a nutshell, if you're not Mario Fortunato you better shut up, because but who want to understand you, that you are neither a publisher nor a critic by profession, how do you write a book? And always for these people, published a harsh criticism on the internet could ruin his career forever aspiring Moravia, or otherwise affect the sales of his masterpiece.
which leads me to think, you , emerging author who lives in assembling burgers at McDonald's, who the fuck gives you the right to publish a book? Mica do the professional writer.
Oh well, no. Writing is a right for all, as the good Albatross Group in its previous spot on Channel 5. Too bad that profess this right to solicit from 2,000 to 5,000 € depending on the pages that you have assumed the right to write. I think even they do not believe much in this inalienable right.
I tell you one thing: write must be a right for everyone, but if there is a publisher to publish so masochistic shit copyright (excluding those such as the Albatross Group) I have also right to criticize your right to write or not?
careful, I'm not saying that ALL debut novel sucks. There are exceptions, there are good writers, just read the reviews I've put it here.
So, in summary, if I spend € 16 for a good hundred pages just to start the fire in the fireplace, I have to be quiet and wait for others to feed a market already saturated with garbage, because otherwise the young singer with great effort and managed to publish so many merits, might find itself cut short his career.
Mmm ... There is something wrong.
In Italy the top ten best-selling books are currently not one, not two, but three books of recipes, two of Parodi, Cooked & Eaten and Welcome to my kitchen and one of Clerici , recipes home Clerici. There
Faletti with its Notes of a seller of women the Litizzetto with its Sorrows of Young Walter, Conrad Augias with Secrets of the Vatican closely followed by Joseph Ratzinger, who has ignited Light of the world.
Dear my defenders of the thesis "if you do a professional is best if you do not "The fact that six of the ten best-selling books in Italy (six, or 60%, I want to emphasize) have not been written by professional writers (never mind the fact that they are written by TV characters, which is rather depressing), tells you something? A little something I say. It tells me that it is people like you, that does not allow for true readers to express their opinion, based on experience and the desire to read something readable, feed into this shit comes out of the market where only those who you see, beyond the merits.
people Meditate, meditate.


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