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Any title is fine - Francesco COUNCIL

Title: Any title is fine - novel to pieces
Author: Francesco Council
Genre: Boh
Publisher: Publisher Iacobelli
Cost: € 12 , 00

Back cover: The mysterious death of Anna Grace Diamond is only the beginning of this book really out of the canon.
is certainly a mystery to Francesco Council but, typical of the genre over the plot, stretches the hilarious, sometimes painful reflection of the author / protagonist Franco Lamaiola. A little
'metaromanzo, a little' autobiography, he writes Lamaiola and occasionally interrupted the action to take stock, reflect, think "out loud" dialogue by the two parts of his head, those that respect and recognizes their value and that on the contrary, despises him.
The book that comes out is a hybrid, a very interesting contamination, a "strange object" that recounts the genesis of writing in the mind of the author and is worth reading because it is the result of a very stylistic and narrative unexpected.

A woman of forty is found murdered. Report by the forensic part of a novel highly fragmented, as indicated by the author in the subtitle, which relives notations ironic, grotesque, sometimes melancholic moments in the life of a small group of people who had lived together in very early adolescence and the years high school in Pian della Repubblica, the province of Agrigento.
The excuse to write a detective story and, yes, just an excuse, because the yellow book has nothing, if not the author's wishful thinking about becoming a mystery writer.
The narrative - very lively, immediate, rambling, which makes use of a register full of gergalilsmi and profanity - is conducted by Franco Lamaiola aspiring writer protagonist narrator, and is developing into short chapters that speak of individual characters, often told from his point of view, how their life has been intertwined with his, in reality or in dreams, fantasies or sexual episodes narrated with real originality. In this line of claustrophobic narrative alternating chapters in which the narrator speaks of himself, his bad family relationships, but especially of his aspirations as a writer, of his attempts, his models, the first of Chuck Palahniuk. Often his head seems to split, some cheering him on, that the plot, and a party who is highly critical and wants to destroy her illusions. What emerges a humanity often mediocre, locked in his obsession, in his desire, incapable of authentic relationships, each closed in itself, despite the obsessive vitality.

Any title is fine is the best title for this novel without a plot, consisting of over 130 chapters short, never more than two pages long, rambling, disconnected, interspersed with thoughts, reflections, dialogues between the good side and bad side of the head of the author.
is a text that can trigger strong and conflicting reactions: the first fifty pages would you go to take Francesco Council for the neck and strangle him, in the first hundred Iacobelli would you go to take the neck and say, you refused to publish my manuscript and this shit? Then change your mind. Why did you start to get into the spirit of the novel and you surrender to his delusions, his teasing, ruthless abandon the role of censor, a lover of beautiful writing and you realize that the Council is good, it's good. Gets under the skin and even you realize it is about you, your world, your parents with irony, sarcasm and cynicism. You take your ass from beginning to end, and just the thought of sending him to the country leaves you, takes over the thought that the Council is actually a true genius, that few of his novels before you have unleashed in feelings so contradictory to the point of wanting to know all the costs for the first insult, and then congratulate him.
is a text to be read with patience and devour greedily, to be forgotten immediately after the last page and keep on top of the library along with the books that we liked more. It is strong, direct, sometimes cynical, sometimes vulgar, sometimes incomprehensible, but with peak brilliance the envy of any writer best known. A Council
the only advice I can give is to avoid the obsessive repetitions using, because his way of telling, his wits, his thoughts and his views are already quite compelling and original and do not need to build on it, no special effect.
In short, the Council bravo, bravo bravo bravo!

Final score 9 / 10


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