Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Samples Of Vote Of Thanks For A Wedding

A box with custom ... surprise!

Here I am with yet another experiment! This time I tried to prepare acrylic paints and brushes!
The box was originally neutral: I simply decorated with acrylic paint and polish.

The peculiarity is more than anything else on the cover: it is in the kitty fabric! I applied it using a simple technique that I Having regard to the Creative World exhibition in Bologna!

stretches behind the canvas a particular tissue adhesive that makes the fabric stiff and workable as paper. At this point I cut the kitten and I ncollato on a piece of felt. I also shaped the felt and you're done!

The letters are those wooden printing works painted, polished and glitter.
The only problem is that I do not remember what it was called the stand which I bought the fabric and canvas :-(!
The box can be Use in many ways: I will use it to give chocolates!


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