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clock ash - Aldo MOSCATELLI

Title: clock ash
Author: Aldo Moscatelli
Publisher: The Dreamers
Genre: Noir?
Price: 8.90

I read it in just over two hours, which is already a good start. But my review is not entirely positive, I hope he will forgive me the good Moscatelli, delightful person for what little I know.

The style is good, quite realistic, convincing, or not exceed the one hand, the imitative or the other, that of the original at all costs. I particularly appreciated the author's language to create a realistic and never use profanity. It 'a good thing, because I am not bigoted, not at all, but precisely because of these little tricks you can tell if a writer has an eye open to the reader, or if trying to throw smoke in the eye. It seems to me that from this point of view Moscatelli has not one but two eyes open on the player.
The characters had to be better delineated, although the figure of Crane is the most mysterious and less clear, is better described. The others are completely lacking in depth.
The novel would be a film noir, as claimed by the same Moscatelli, told through the sequential exposure of a series of clich├ęs, but that this is not so much out of place as the inconsistencies, forcing that seem to put there to address the lack of ideas that give to book the desired effect.
One such example: I find it very unlikely that a "few weeks" as confirmed by the author, a lay woman to become a nun. It 's true that there are monasteries that welcome women who feel the "call", but it is also true that to become the first sisters to make a long journey that certainly does not last a few weeks. Until that time, although it can live in a convent, one is a secular, not religious.
Another example is the scenario that leads to the resolution of the case: the apartment of a victim is found, the test mother.
Crane, the protagonist, is a private investigator with a history in the police, who performs a parallel investigation to the police. A distance of at least two days from the murder of one of the victims, the house of the latter is impounded by the police but, ironically, not the search, because the inspector is convinced that the apartment of the victim can not give any clues for the investigation, which he thinks should be in another direction. I do not know exactly investigative protocols, but I think, if only for practice, the house of a woman who is murdered in front of their door at least worth the search.
Personally, I realized very early on who the murderess, maybe it was a figure outlined with too much ambiguity because a player who loves yellow as mine, it did not suspect it right away.
This leads me to say that despite the statement of facts is nice, the plot is weak, the plots are not convincing, everything seems veiled by a veneer of simplicity that too out of place.
If you were a noir probably these details I would not have even noticed, but I think that the yellow strand / thriller is a genre of narrative most delicate and complex to manage, just a little detail out of place to lose all credibility 'whole work.
All in all I think he realized that the book I was not convinced.

FINAL VOTE: 6 / 10


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