Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Plans For Horse Buggies

The Gospel According to Jesus Christ - Jose Saramago

An incredible book, that of Saramago. Unbelievably difficult stylistically difficult and almost impossible to digest, where the direct speech is stuck in the middle of the descriptions and where the periods are too long half-page without even a comma.

But at the same time is a wonderful book, the kind that when you get to the last page will leave a great sense of loneliness, because even though you already know what will happen to the last line is hoping for a different ending, because you get to love those people (and characters) that up to 300 pages before you felt completely indifferent, and do not want to see them die.
Jesus is a man who loves and lets go to the doubts of all people, that you question, that does not give up until the last the fate that God has chosen for him, and until the last try to deceive not to take on his shoulders the weight of tens of thousands of deaths in the name of a religion that he, for mouth of God himself, will know that blood and despair.
A cry of rebellion, that of Saramago, raw, sour, sweet and passionate, a cry that turns on the conscience, which aims to reflect on the dichotomy of good and evil and what good needs evil to be such a cry that questions with irony and bitterness, the fundamental precepts of the Catholic Church. A gospel shows us that Jesus of Nazareth in a different light, a Jesus of Nazareth who puts all the questions that every man, at least once in their life, he wanted to ask him. A Jesus who sees the contradictions that people see in God and try to fight until his last breath.
A book in which Mary Magdalene is redeemed by centuries of obscurantism and even the Judas Iscariot to betray the Master too much devotion to him and not for greed. Wonderful
appears on the final debate between Jesus, God and the Devil on a boat on the lake, where Saramago pulls out all the bad and unfair picture of God, where even the Devil offers to repair the evil done and what will do badly being rejected by a greedy and selfish that God wants at all costs to expand its domination over the rest of the world.
The sense of the whole book is summed up in the last sentence of Jesus, crucified, raised his eyes to heaven and exclaimed, turning to God "Men, forgive him, because he does not know what he did. "
short, a book that everyone should read at least ask some questions. Wonderful.



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