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Eternal return - Lorenzo Pellegrini

Author: Lorenza Pellegrini
Publisher: Montag
Pages: 276
Genre: Yellow
Price: 16:00

From the back cover: An aspiring writer
dies under mysterious circumstances. The case, assigned to the marshal Gables, turns out to be complicated. Two friends of victim, a brother and a man with a troubled past will lead to a universe afloat terrible and disturbing manipulations, experiments, lethal injections and a whirlwind tour of money and power behind the respectable fa├žade of a multinational. In the background, the world of stardom with silicone starlets faces redone. Perhaps there is also room for love, the lost, desired, idealized. Maybe.

go far can the human vanity, when accompanied and cheered on by a thirst for power? According Lorenza Pellegrini can reach levels of cruelty and ferocity seemingly unimaginable. Reading his book is inevitably reflect on the world around us, how much is devoted to the exaltation of form and substance to what little mind you. A key to reading is certainly a charge to the absence of values \u200b\u200bin society today, where everything, including death, takes on less importance compared to the glitter of seeming perfection.

The book opens with the discovery of a dead woman in a ditch. A coroner is ready to report the body, but the woman, an aspiring writer who at the time of death was working on his second novel, continues to be able to think, to feel, to understand what is going on. Why? Well, I can not tell you ;) But I can tell you that the dead woman in some way will be first-aid to the investigation. The death appears anomalous
immediately, no apparent cause, "natural death", while always been a person in perfect health. For this reason, her husband, her doctor (Stella) and one of her friends (Mat) begin a sort of parallel investigation in which disturbing issues emerge from the world of aesthetic medicine. It will be a long and studded entry of many characters in the scene like an old college buddy from Mat, Daniel, for reasons related to his controversial past, decides to enter a convent and become a monk, Joanna, the wife of the Commissioner Gables, a very bad example of a woman, the medical staff of the clinic which is the background to the novel, all low-grade, without exception. And of course, Mat, and The Star, unsuspecting victim of a drug addict.

The author has done a good job of characterization. The characters are seen, perceived their thoughts and their attitudes. Positive hemisphere most outstanding women, including the victim, while the negative lead the way for men are, for evil that inner weakness.
The author has managed to hold on the same plane all the players, there are prominent but all are very present in every page, even where no one speaks directly to them.
Maybe in a few cases are a bit 'too stereotypical, such as that Mariano is the perfect incarnation of the superfluous, which is matched by Stella instead close to perfection in every area: aesthetic, professional, moral. No coincidence between the two there is much to say in the book, not only as individual entities but also as an unlikely pairing. And perhaps these two characters than the other lose some 'credibility.

stylistic choice
style used by the author is the thing I liked most. Excellent properties of language (you can see the teacher, if I may ;)) and I found it really interesting the way Lorenza can get in the shoes of the characters, especially when they can not describe in words. Unlike other novels of the author, at least in certain passages, it can certainly be based on personal experiences but nevertheless manages to be light to fly over things gently and never superficial. He manages to perfectly convey the emotions experienced by his characters even when they themselves are unable to separate. The way to tell by Lorenza is very refined, never comes excess, no loss of style, even when the scene would make it easy to lapse into the vernacular.

My opinion must necessarily be divided into two parts. The first relates to the first half of the book, to the point of junction of the investigation. For this first part I would give eleven out of ten. Difficult to enclose the first hundred pages into an adjective. I found this part of the book really wonderful, interesting, passionate, gentle, delicate, romantic. On the one hand there is a weakness that is almost tender, the other a devastating force. The sacredness of life is gently mocked by a disarming, in a world where even the beating of wings of an annoying fly takes signficati apparently unthinkable. In the second part
karma does his duty, going to hit in some cases and reward in others, who in the early part of the book has performed actions worthy or unworthy.
The second part of the novel I found it a little less vigorous, slowly going to diminish those surreal aspects that made the book so interesting to make room for less and less veiled accusation against consumerism and appearances, but perhaps it is inevitable since it is a yellow, and sooner or later its mysterious aspects to be revealed.
Eternal Return is the full immersion of a core white in a dirty world, where if you're not careful risk of being tainted for life, and taking no bleach. Once the stain is impossible to send her away.
From the perspective of the "package" than the other text I have reviewed Montag, nothing to plead. Layout perfect, just two or three typos but very little account, and about 276 pages I would say that there may well be, good editing. As highlighted in the editor in the topic you notice that the time was also considerably improved the package without damaging the contents.
A novel is certainly interesting, where it mixes with the surreal lived for long stretches. A great job, in my opinion. I note that in this review, I tried to stay as generic as possible because it is a mystery I can not reveal absolutely nothing about the plot, from a certain point onwards. ;)

Overall Rating: 8.5 / 10


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