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Does Period Blood Have To Be Liquid

In this book there is the Devil - Luke Ducci

Title: This is a book
the Devil Author: Luca Ducceschi
Publisher: Montag
Genre : Horror
Pages: 177
Price: 14.00

A trail of death that touches imaginary horrors such as witches, demons and vampires, but also real horrors like the ghosts of a mind sick, solitude in a nursing home, state violence.
Nine Stories, whispers nine, nine stab wounds in his back, red as blood, and blacks like fear. A fear that is often not only out there, but also within us. A war in which there are no winners or losers and redemption, perhaps, is far away.
Because this book is the devil ...
This is a book the Devil is an anthology composed of nine short stories, bound by the same thread, the anguish.
anguish that the author is instilled through the use of ad-hoc environments, either through an undeniable ability to touch raw nerves, those related to uncontrollable fears that if stroked the right way get the desired effect: put on a fucking anxiety. Even and especially to see how it ends.
This book is the Devil is a journey in and out themselves. In because the fears of its protagonists are all those out because they is continually tossed from one place to another, from one world to another, without any restraint.
So you are sitting in the anteroom of a hospice that houses old people rather than particular, continue walking in the basement of a big city to emerge in the middle of a snowstorm in a world that is not ours. You do not have time to breathe a little 'clean air that you realize that he lost in a squalid clearing device where the only form of life is a little odd-looking tattoo artist recommended. And if you're afraid, your business, so do not run away, because the alternative is to take a road guarded by the specter of a child, or get into a deadly train that travels at breakneck speed on a dark night, and there, where the train stops, are waiting for a subway that takes you straight to a clinic for the mentally ill.
And the journey ends only where justice is not covered, and when hunger appears to be partly satisfied.
Ducceschi talks about a war without winners or losers, and it is exactly that: good and evil converge on an invisible line that creates an unreachable horizon.

Ducceschi during the nine episodes use all that can be used in a horror movie: ghosts, vampires, witches, devils, monsters. And if this were not enough, used to tell us all vehicles that are tied to the fear in the popular imagination: mysterious women, sad-eyed children, homeless people are forgotten by everyone, young fans of Satanic heavy metal, leather and covered with circus mystery, monks, priests and friends. But
This book is the Devil is not a bunch of stereotypes as it seems. Ducci part because of pre-patterns inherited from masters such as Lansdale and King, just to name a few, to do his own thing as usual and talk about what more he likes to tell.
is a book that you can drink in one breath, from first to last story, where the horror is almost an excuse to touch issues which would otherwise be difficult to digest, is a publisher that a reader: state violence, politics, sex, social.
In short, this book is that the Devil Ducci, who as always makes you think you read one thing, but in reality you says another.

It's never easy to review a collection of short stories. It is even more complicated review a collection of horror stories, where you can not say for fear of saying too much. Therefore omit the details about the plot, and I just indicate to me that those are the highlights of style.
The only weakness I found in the style of the author are:
- the tendency to be a bit 'too repetitive description of the setting and the use of certain expressions. There is an invasive presence of darkness, stench, cool music and post-punk / rock that I did not like much.
- the insistence with which it is intended to alert the reader of how big this is going to happen. In some stories you create an expectation difficult to satisfy especially heavy to bear.

strong points, in contrast, are numerous. Ducci confirms a raw style, direct and sometimes foul-mouthed and irreverent, but highly credible and balanced. The language paced and fascinating, charming but never coy, but not urban youth language, full of jargon but never forced, manages to bring something original even to stories that appear in some parts recycled.
All nine stories flow smoothly and without unnecessary waste of time behind descriptions or unnecessary detail, but I have never nor skinny nor light. Perhaps only in the last there is some affectation too, a hand a bit 'too much calcium, but overall a very good test.


The most successful: the tattoo artist, because it's full of colors, images, pain and awakens the senses. Children because it is incredibly messy but very simple and beautiful to die. With just says so much.

The less successful: TWO AND A HELL OF ICE WHITE STAR OF LIGHT because it is too fantasy. YOUTH 'Kannibal because it is incredibly simple but very messy. With so much to say recently.

The most incomprehensible IN PARIS, and who understands it makes me a favor and explain

... Do yourself a favor: let out for Christmas that mollaccione home of Santa Claus, and then enter 'I'm the devil, that you might not take the usual pair of gloves with attached scarf, but you will definitely have something very interesting.



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