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I trusted you - Andrea and Alessandro Bassi Friggeri

Title: I trusted you
Authors: Alessandro Bassi and Andrea Friggeri
Publisher: Self-produced with Lulu - free ebook download in pdf on FORUM Simplicissimus
Price: ebook free, hard copy € 9.92
Pages: 232
Genre: Fiction

What's happening to the Bar Milva, meeting the most noble of Sciences Hdemia Erotic? What does this stone thrown against the window? While the Wolf explores the disturbing past of Milva, the sudden appearance of two women locked in a crisis that will threaten the existence of 'Hdemia same.
An ordinary story, which exposes the myth of normalcy. A generational novel that explores the fragility of friendship and which float in the void of the twenty-year zero.


Teenva (GINA), Faithful (the Witch), Wolf (mpino) Free Ricercatope, Cia n'bell'ano Discipulo are six boys and Emilia about twenty or so, the founders and only members dell'Hdemia Erotic Sciences, a clique of friends that aims to unravel the mysteries of the female working with the motto Veritas In Vulva, whose meeting place is the Bar Milva, a place open late at night where the owner is a red-haired woman from the past unspeakable. The novel recounts the adventures
dell'Hdemia with digressions on his birth and the events that led to it, touching the issues most common age and environment are analyzed: friendship, the first important stories, boredom provincial sudden falling in love, betrayal, sex, fancy themselves as superheroes.
spread over a few weeks, and ends with the customary overview of the "Five Years Later".

There are three things I want to say it now: the first is that I read it in just over three hours, unable to even stop to go pee. The second, the back cover makes absolutely no justice to this novel, which despite being normal is really a story told with a light, ironic style and skill that I have rarely found not only in absolute but in the emerging narrative in the Italian panorama.
The third is that this is perhaps the best books I read in the last year, and the fact that if one part is self incredulos leaves me, the other only serves to confirm that when the talent is there, you hear and see whatever the publisher. And finally, I confirm that (unfortunately) the authors appear to be good, even the best editors themselves.

This novel is a gem, a perfectly blended mix of elements to create an excellent product from all points of view.

Reading is always fluent, no hitch, no anachronism, no slip.

style is shaped to brush up on history and the events recounted: sparkling, spirited, ironic, funny, not boring, nor ever without ever being vulgar or excessive. Despite the plot

stories any more or less everything a normal group of twentysomethings living, unable to wrap from front to back, through the introduction of smaller devices such as the transcription of e-mail (a creative genius to say the least) and excerpts from the chat, incredibly lifelike.
eroticism and sexuality that seem to master it by reading the back cover are in fact elements rather marginal, are always treated in a light-hearted, that it never takes center stage, but only serve as a pivot around which revolve the events dell'Hdemia and the friendship of the six players, then that fact will prove to be rather fragile friendship.

characters are exactly what one would expect from a group of twentysomethings to the province's son dad a little 'shit, the idealist Southerner who emigrated to seek fortunes in Padania, the nice guy who hides behind a hypocritical facade of respectability, so the somewhat 'under the thumb that eventually turns out to be the looser of all, the girl through the house and church and horns, a minor who is enterprising rightful place in the narrow, style Last Kiss.
But the authors have had the huge and very successful ability to relate the facts concerning each of them from time to time putting in their shoes, by seeing things through their eyes and think with their head, so going to create in the reader multiple points of view while maintaining only one, the narrator's exterior, while managing to be so introspective, there appears to be worse yet never intrusive or invasive.

The final is not exactly what you'd expect to find, and here is the merit of the authors do not insist or to want to put a twist in all costs, or expire in the banal and predictable.

are very few flaws, some typo in the dates in the first place: the story is set in 2000, but on top of some chapters there is written 2008.

I do not know how the paper, since I downloaded the ebook, but the revision and correction of the text of the draft seemed to me almost perfect. Definitely better than most, perhaps all, the novels of small and medium-sized publishers read so far.
Overall, a book that I recommend to all those who love irony, melancholy and profound lightness that only the generational stories, not so much to Jack Frusciante as the most genuine and free-range Radiofreccia, can to breathe.
For me two things: either these two boys (okay, 37 years is still young, right?) Had a blow ass being able to conceive of such a novel, or, more likely what I hope, have the talent. And I have so much is that thing that you notice immediately, palps, that touch, that smell, and comes out all right from the first three lines, when you think, here, I knew that I had started reading it, I now go to hell the evening.

A very successful book by 9 / 10 , and does not grant the 10 just because I'm an incurable optimist and I reserve the ability to read, one day not too far away, something even more beautiful. Maybe, why not, by the same authors I trusted you.


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