Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pasta Express Model X3000 Reviews


Can I say it? To me, this last film has left a Soldini po'd'amaro in the mouth, because a wire delusione.Sarà I always loved his movies, which for me will have his own way across to tell love stories, I went to the movies with a lot of expectations, some of which have been completely deluse.Non but because I do not deny the film its pleasant, light, but if we rest indubbia.Del Soldini illustrator is great urban views that at first glance have little to cinematografico.Veniamo nodes: I think that throughout the film Soldini there is an uncommon ability to tell the nuances, color of the up and downs of an ordinary love story based on small gestures, almost insignificant, there is always a gentle, almost natural to begin an understanding between two lonely souls and then possibly something else, more profondo.Qui step instead of two souls trapped in a marriage with children and living together that meets both, involved in a fiery relationship is almost brutale.Sicuramente amicable if not beyond the bounds of credibility: a negative approach, a half-word, and from there I wonder why the invitation for a coffee and a phone number marked in pen on a business visita.Credo that in love stories told by the director of Milan is especially important during the transition from a sort of indifference mutual profondo.E to something more 'bout the beginning of history, even when you do not program anything, when you contemplate a report and idealizes the partner.O perhaps even earlier when still do not have the awareness to have a partner.Il period of rapprochement between the two future partners, the better understanding, a change from a simple physical rating to something far more pregnante.Nella story between Anna and Domenico all this is pari.Dopo skipped a couple of fruitless attempts grotesque, skirting the hotel for hours to release their repressed instincts, to give rein to their animal wants to mate, to unite their lives opposing the film corpi.E this animalistic sexual activity of the complications except Wednesday (a bit like Chereau's Intimacy), a sort of escape from the real world to isolate themselves in a limbo of soft lights, mirrors, Jacuzzi and 50 euro every 4 hours at overwhelmingly made up of daily routine work, financial difficulties and relationship difficulties with his wife and their unmarried famiglie.Come is told by others that a proletarian love in times of crisis soverchia.Se that all I have to say my impression that I have treated Soldini Anna's character much better than that of Dominic Rohrwacher has the opportunity to express his best all his wealth of neurosis, gestures like Juvenile, ripple, insecurities and humoral differences that have made me appreciate even more film in which the character played by recitato.Il Favino is decidedly one-dimensional, nuanced and very thorough, a prisoner of its own testosterone more than love, proud bearer healthy buttocks marble as the marble his acting: in discussion with a friend of mine told me that she had seen him a lot more passionate lover (and rich) in Saturn in Opposition and I had to give her a little too convinced ragione.Mi hubs narrative: seemingly nice subdivision in various chapters of the black screens, but apart from that it seems too easy the way they start a story as it appears just the harmonious union that brings almost a brawl in the street to walk hand in hand Tunis, away from everything and tutti.Lui inclined to enjoy the thrill of the moment, she always inclined to ask questions about possible consequences of their actions and the vagueness of the future for their already storia.Sembrano long time since she stared at the phone on the sly to find out if he had sent a return messaggio.Al consapevolezza.Una the thing I found strange is that normally when it comes to stories adulterous they tend to side with those who suffer this injury: Soldini in this film is a sort of process or attempted justification of their adultery almost like a longing, a last chance to return to breathe he must escape from a neurotic wife, from her relationship with a man with whom he seems to share this part nulla.A Cosavogliodipiù two hours despite the abundant flows away quickly and painlessly in his proletarian chic.Credo minimalism that much of the rating that will be due whether or not the public identification with the various stories: stories normal people just lived by the rules included in a social fabric that is undergoing a severe crisis economica.C 'is who you identify with the adulterer / a necessity, those in so-called cornificati, who in the chorus of friends who gave them to cornice.Perchè, as the title of an old movie with Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, normal people do not have anything exceptional .....

RATING: 6.5 / 10


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