Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wetness Around The Time Of Period


If that one seemed grotesque joke uttered by Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, that "you spiezzo in two" has become a legend on the wrong side, think about a film populated by almost all Russians who speak in this modo.Ecco the dubbing of this film improperly used as a blunt instrument to destroy the good Mihailneau can build its capacity to cinematografica.Un film narration from various anime that starts as a comedy of errors (but here there is no exchange of one person but full orchestra), continues almost as a digression in a picturesque Russia populated by peasants enriched richer and people who do walk the brain to make ends meet (like the main character's wife Filipov former conductor reduced for political reasons in a janitor at the Bolshoi, which included rent for demonstrations). Almost always in the balance between comedy and farce, the film runs light and fun until the turning point in the final minutes: a turn for melodrama, the last part we see a massive concert for violin, concert orchestra.Il and tear tells a distorting lens through a firm at the time of Brezhnev's Russia, but at the same time a prisoner of globalization, the economic power of racketeers and enriched the spirit of initiative of colorful zingari.Quasi a world apart, a planet of another galaxy, a perfect starting point to describe the desire of the West that has all the troops collected by shabby Andrei Filipov (the time of recruitment is one of the most funny, reminded me of the time and not just the same as seen in The Commitments, beautiful film by Alan Parker), driven by very different (and higher) and intentions that are revealed during the movie . E'perlomeno curious reversal of the view of these Russians that the West is seen as a country of plenty and as a congregation of under-suited to their own small businesses (mobile phones in China, caviar) just to reinvigorate the equation Jew = Commerciante.Accanto unsettling moments of buffoonery the Romanian director gives us some colorful characters pathetic prisoners of the past toned monochrome red (from the collapse when the former KGB officer accomplice talk to an official of the French Communist Party, a party reduced to caricature, as I recall with nostalgia the elections in which they had achieved 100% of the vote, saying that no one could do better), some voted only to the need to escape, others moved only by sincere friendship in a barrage of good sentimenti.In this film by the Romanian ethnic comedies like those of which we have good examples in the past (see Machan) or film extolling private enterprise (Full Monty), it's the video But in a globalized world in the wrong direction because of packed crackers that look all, without exception, their own advantage personale.Ci likes to oppose a victim of his lethargic West Eastern opulence and true monument to the vitality and the ability to inziativa.Si ride, you go ahead with an enviable lightness, people attach themselves to some of these characters still show to have a heavy heart as it swells the heart così.Così skilfully brought the audience to empathize what vede.Poi the last twenty minutes, the concert itself, the turning point here is melodrammatica.Ecco out all the storyteller's ability to Mihailneau with simple camera movements that link the different souls of the concert, the first violinist, the conductor, the orchestra hints stessa.La alleviating the theater silent, magically float in the air to melt the various cores and the flashbacks frame used Andrei Filipov to explain why he risked so much just to do this concert parigino.Un moment of cinema magic, no time when the tears of sublime Laurent are almost an added instrument to harmonize the tutto.La transformation is complete, the Westernization is a natural consequence, the world will finally be of all colors, not just one. But please do these Russians speak with an accent a little more normal ....
RATING: 8.5 / 10


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