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REVANCHE-I will kill you 'forgive and forget

A geometric flow images to weave the threads of a frantic search for the soul vendetta.E 'Revanche this, a existential noir that turns into a repeated game of mirrors (from a comparison between Alex and the police the photograph of Irina), a winding path required between action and (perhaps) reaction that does not find its completezza.Tutti the characters in this film have something to hide, however, very little is difficult to distinguish between right and wrong sbagliato.Qui who survives and still less uncertainty hovers sovrana.Dalla equivocal outskirts of Vienna, in and out of a brothel, rather than doing gymkhana between poposte indecent, Alex and Irina fled to try to give substance to their sogni.Il half is a robbery, but everything goes in the sbagliato.Alex finds himself alone and he goes into the campaign takes shape padre.Qui his desire for revenge, especially because the ragantela of fate allows him to be very close to the object of what may be his rivalsa.E here continues to Spielmann chisel work on suggestions, wishes and aspirations of the handful of characters at the center of everything in film.Lasciando sospeso.Dalla dehumanized outskirts of the big city bucolic village atmosphere that reigns in the house through the nature of the father of Alex the transition seems quick . In reality, two worlds seem too distant to be part of the same daily routine pianeta.La Alex almost choked him in the brothel who becomes an opportunity here to think, to try to process your grief, for to burn even more his desire to rivalsa.E of occasions it has .... but destiny knows how to be weird ... and I say altro.Il rigor of the staging is complete, the movements of the camera are minimum, intended to preserve the geometry of the frame. A stylistic rigor so absolute that in some ways makes the memory run at Dreyer (hoping not to curse), characterized by continuous tracking shot of a few events left to the imagination with the machine Fixed another frame (the sequence is repeated twice that of the camera continues its forward progress despite the action moves out of range). Other references are more immediate Haneke noir or even European, especially French. The chill inside the characters becomes a paradigm of the crystallization of the staging chilled and chilling in a continuous series of ripples of mind. Revanche asks questions but gives no answers, is a film in which certain gestures lose their meaning entirely, if you try to extract revenge only to catharsis, well then it's all wrong because from such an act can never be a sort of soddisfazione.Revanche film is to see and then to rework calmly, you have to let it settle for trying to understand everything what we propone.E is definitely not little.
RATING 8 / 10


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