Thursday, May 6, 2010

Forum Post 2010 Lorna Morgan


A small room, almost hidden behind a keeper's cottage, almost a cooking workshop with ipertipici.Qui products are not simply the kitchen casareccia.E 'much more. And Gabriel with his passion for cooking and to illustrate its food is good guide to learn a little better what we dare say irrinunciabile.Si mangiando.Una guide begins with a sliced \u200b\u200bvery simple, Italian-style ham, seasoned pork loin and sausage as well as pecorino.Il accompanied by bread with oil, of course all made artigianale.Si continues with a crouton with tomato sauce and enter the strong point of this room: the first piatti.Gabriele has definitely exaggerated (in a good way): First we clean up the mouth of the tomato with a Crispell all'abbruzzese, crepe folded to make a bundle and filled with mushrooms and delicate macinato.Sapore, devoured by bimbi.Poi also continue with the ravioli to the three flours (maize, wheat and wheat flour) filled with cheese sheep served with pasta sauce carne.La is consistent, tasty, Gabriel explains that these dumplings are so massive that it takes about 20 minutes to cook the ravioli 4-5 against normali.Last but not least the rings to pecorara: The pasta is made by hand, is so thick that it takes about 40 minutes to cook without counting the time it takes to give form to anello.Il sauce and meat, ricotta, zucchini and melanzane.Una real treat.

Then the second: it starts with kebabs and then the sheep pig, stuffed with melt-in-hand and bocca.Poi mixed grill of pork and mutton (which has nothing for the taste of classic ' lamb). For potatoes to accompany the second and Frissora insalata.Per finish the cake is represented by the filled pasta with cream and called fishing cioccolato.Come digestive Gabriel makes us the first taste ratafia of its production (a cherry liqueur lightweight but very good) and in the end it gives a bottiglia.Che say more than that already written? dishes speak for themselves, the price is quite popular (25 euro per person all inclusive), the number of Gabriel is jealously guarded in my portfolio in anticipation additional sorties ....


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