Sunday, May 23, 2010

Coffee Table Kidney Shaped


The second hybrid comedy Fatih Akin: turkish film set in the far north Europe, the leaden Hamburg already seen in other major films in the decades passati.Due Turkish brothers, one with his shabby restaurant that attempts to merge the pretext soul music with the kitchen, the other thief by half a point in semi-liberty conceded that establishing an lavoro.Dicevamo pretext of trying to merge the kitchen of the tavern and soul music, music of the soul. How you can melt a kitchen which has 40 dishes on the menu that all have the same taste (as he says the cook) and soul music like that? It takes a real creative chef who happened to be found: after a period of surprise by Guest applies his knowledge of nouvelle cusine restaurant, creating beautiful dishes and surprising, to find the cake with the help afrodisiaco.E the real story starts from the new and imaginative cook from the health problems of the back of the protagonist Zinos.Akin does not seem to give up his sources, but shows his roots in Hamburg by the desaturated color that has accolto.Inquadra squalid suburbs with music and coloring pills petty wisdom, dares to wander by the parties of the bar without being ungainly, heavy, captivates the viewer with a variety of suggestions that are not limited to the many laughs ripping film.Akin welcomes us as guests in his restaurant, we sit at his table, we look around and see that the time has stopped, the years' 70 and 80. I half expected to hear in the vocals of disco Nina Hagen somewhere or see his face from bambola.Soul kitchen is a movie that stimulates the stomach and brain, is one of those film set, however, that copyright does not have the arrogance (or even awareness), is a movie character on the edge of caricature but not over-shoot, also decides to have predictable narrative of the joints but do not disturb affatto.Il piece of Istanbul moved to Hamburg is proudly rooted in its identity and its own sources and integrates well with those who have ospitati.Favolosa music (not only soul but also a lot of rock with her beautiful, heavy, distorted guitar) as they are incredibly beautiful titles coda.Un shame to miss as he did most of those present at this crowded projection ....
RATING: 7.5 / 10


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