Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Painkiller Befor The Waxing


Snapshots of family in the new millennio.Famiglia disintegrated mirror of society and effect itself because of disgregazione.Simon Konianski back home to his father in his car with the sides and laminated flooring in the cargo of his ship fallimenti.E 'formally seeking a job (actually cure his chronic hypochondria testing drugs new trial) and has a degree in philosophy, we find that with each passing minute is a jew atheist, who was married to a non-Jew and who has a child of 6 anni.Intanto bivouac in the house that Dad is looking forward to hunting (see the hilarious to the rabbi that the proposed new amulets and new tactics to send him away as if fighting a war in the trenches) and meanwhile tries to put a strain on his soul from pro-Palestinian jew (in fact Simon brings in the good part of the film a sweatshirt that says Baghdad) Speaking of telling stories inspired by the Holocaust and his nephew as favola.Non goes better with his brother of his father prisoner of a world view in two colors: first the Nazis, by 'other Jews

. and company singing: Simon is surrounded by colorful characters that seem to compete to deny him the latest picture of the tasty certezze.Dopo environment and character with frequent forays into the grotesque and the insane Micha Wald's film becomes a film on the road (subgenus clandestine transportation of the coffin across Europe) Should Simon, the son and uncles petulant to respect the last wishes of his father leave at a time of 'Ukraine not to bury him next to his wife but the first and unforgettable love of his life, a girl who died at seventeen in the first paragraph of this dopoguerra.A acid recognition of Jewish customs and traditions (including a dinner to introduce a Simon a woman suitable for him over alleged brawl in the record) that mixes the grotesque suggestions Louise Michel, the cross Coen humor, the surreal poetry of Anderson in the film becomes a kind of natural son of the great films Liev Schreiber (Everything is lit) hybridized with the style of Little Miss Sundance Sunshine.Da all this big influences, Simon Konianski draws its lifeblood but turns out to be sterile but replication citationist brave and curious collage creative work originale.Un bit like the main character (a real director's alter ego, bespectacled 35 year-old at the time of the film as himself) real work in progress sometimes treated as a cartoon, a sometimes as a hysterical militant ideology antiebraica.Da anthology inserts demented as he goes to take his son to school, when he imagines his wife in sexual acrobatics with his new friend, when entrusting the leadership of his uncle Maurice machine that treats German police officers who stopped him as the Nazis, the ordeal with a plaque riciclata.Ma is absolutely touching even the look that Simon turns to the Jewish collective memory when you look around in the field of concentramento.Per the first time we see the attempt to play down the Holocaust. Although torn by different ways of thinking about recent history, there is great unity in the evaluation of the past and finally becomes evident that father's legacy has left Simon: A return to family unity, and above all a desperate attempt to prevent the memory is lost ..... VOTE
7.5 / 10


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