Sunday, May 23, 2010

Benefits Nutriact Capsules

Solondz's new film grows on the rotting skeleton of Happiness feeding on debris protean left by the changing Aviva Palindromes.E in my opinion, if you know even a little 'Solondz, that poster with the poster for I'm Not There Todd Haynes (structured film with a character played by various characters like Palindromes) is not casuale.Life During Wartime takes the characters of Happiness quasi-randomized, nevermind faces, skin colors, no matter how long it passato.Gli actors have changed, not the personaggi.Sempre exposed to suffer the most damage that life can bring their , seems not to notice what is happening around them, prisoners of their wickedness microcosmo.La cynical and seemingly spontaneous Happiness is replaced by an almost unpleasantness programmatica.Se distance author by the characters of the movie was nearly nothing, now we're seeing almost a neutral observation by the author that we're placing the camera in the middle of batttaglia, just to borrow the metaphor of the guerra.Non empathizes his characters but it looks like a entomologo.Dall 'apology on its incosapevolezza monstrosity (which unites a po'tutti the characters that fill this film), there was a continuous, gradual rise of the emotional tension which is then of a sudden blown away by the innate taste for the grotesque that the author has always demonstrated since its inception So it is for the child who asks, ottrenendoli, psychotropic drugs to the mother, the child repeats almost as a catchphrase that is almost a man, the mother and the child is so intimate confessions via.Assistiamo a fierce portrait of the other side of America that desecrates and contamperoneamente distrugge.Il problem is that changing times, changing characters but the world in the decaying Happiness is always here present unaltered in anni.Probabilmente immutabile.Per fully enjoy this movie in my opinion is better to have an overview of the film filmography Solondz.Questo addition to being tied hand in glove the already mentioned too many times in Happiness is an ideal continuation (but the state of impasse that afflicts the characters, perhaps contrary to the concept below) also has several references to and Palindromes even escape to college (The new man of Trish). The photo-rich saturated colors by Ed Lachman gives the film an aesthetic from the 50's melodrama, so qull'aspetto orderly houses is the perfect antithesis of that debacle you live in the various stanze.Sgradevolezze in a whisper that after so many years taking an awareness that perhaps the first was not so obvious, so poisonous a portrait of the new American society has something to programmatically organized table, missing the effect Happiness surprise that made a five-star masterpiece, at least for me.Life During Wartime is a film that will gain much by successive visions because Solondz is masterful in his game inlays and subtleties that go beyond the feeling epidermica.Sicuramente successive visions will be visible to other suggestions, citations that may have escaped a first visione.Questo is a film that more than others need to be revised, because it is a fact of sediment those films that do not end with the end titles of coda.Forse Happiness is not a masterpiece but it's always great example of cinema that can not yield to the Hollywood mainstream, which manages to maintain the virulence of his spirit against indie.Orgogliosamente.
RATING 8 / 10


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