Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chest Infection Off Work

final was sera.L 'waiting now for a long time so I did not remember that almost more. both not to miss anything, here I made sure the supplies are to arrive with about a month late, as the film wore a camel (or AIS). The cinema is one of the oldest in Pescara, the attend for a long time for the Flaiano Film Festival.Una was once a single-screen cinema halls mysteriously hours have increased and have become quattro.Il cinema has grown in height and projecting the fourth hall where the film is really piccionaia.E then .. . more than a movie theater looks like a room conferenze.C 'is the white cloth that hangs from the ceiling that subrogation the movie screen slightly larger screen of my house, there are spotlights in the ceiling that is quite low, there are pistachio green chairs of modern design and very comode.Sono then detached from each other, so we could slip away at will from the row that precede.Comodo.Anche conferenze.Arriviamo for a room on time, we are tre.Non c 'is anyone and take place roughly in the middle of the room, we put ourselves at ease waiting for the others who think spettatori.I arrivare.Non well not exist. esistono.Siamo Not only we tre.Abbiamo fortunate then to have a projection private practice and the homely atmosphere makes it even more worthy to be ricordato.Quasi me is the fear that the plump lady with her face a little annoyed that we did the ticket, take the elevator, go up on the third floor where we are us and give back the money of the ticket instead of complaining about phantom problems tecnici.E no.Sospiro of relief, the lights dim and the movie that comincia.E film.Adoro Audiard and shudder to see that his last work on which I read almost only enthusiastic opinions . It is not easy to watch a movie like this because when you read so many opinions ultrapositivi of people you trust, expectations alzano.C 'is the risk of being disappointed but this time I feel that it is not così.Il prophet reads the genre reworking it to prison foundations from a harsh realismo.Il Naughty young protagonist does not have the cognitive tools to survive is illiterate, has no one out they can send money, there's barely a hint that attacked a policeman with a knife and this led to his sentence to six and a half years in prison even though he professed innocence, was swept into a world populated by faces patibolari (compliments to the cast) that looks like the Raiders look preda.Nel a prison is a trap hidden behind every angolo.Avrebbe need for protection and instead finds a job schiavo.Malik, who speaks Arabic is used by the powerful clique of old courses led by Luciani to control the enemies arabi.Già here is obviously a major factor in the film, a subject very dear to the director of Paris: the language barrier as (almost) insormontabile.Malik in his anonymity is chosen because it can speak Arabic and undergoes a kind of entrance test: to kill a detainee died from arabo.Che becomes the voice of his conscience before the storm and then turns into a kind of counterpoint in his constant crescita.Perchè Audiard's film between its cores is primarily a tale of training, is making steady progress and being always kept hidden away as possible from insidie.Il prison does not, in re-Malik after he served his prison pena.In the young man who had seen beginning of the film turns into a man of boundless ambition and a crimianle abilità.Il head of the courses that he realizes that Malik is becoming more secure also asks why it continues to make him coffee they none to very meglio.E Malik does not answer, put the powder in the glass and add water silenzio.Malik does everything in order but in the meantime that is organizing its future calmly, without becoming man and soon fretta.Malik will notice tutti.Il prophet (the definite article of the Italian title is absolutely ridiculous as it fuoriviante) is a film that more than two hours without the viewer noticing, is the most complex and multifaceted to Audiard a journey into the Malik and its exponential growth does not proceed in a carcere.La prison life is marked by circadian rhythms always constant: meals, time flies, showers, lavoro.Tutto movie with an absolute reality unfiltered. As I said before has a film in which are fundamental barriers linguistiche.Bisognerebbe look in the original language to capture all the difference in language that, unfortunately, are flattened by doppiaggio.Malik knowing Arabic is the link between the courses and the Arabs, being with the first of them learn the language almost stealing every day, he studied French at school carcere.E 'the only one who can communicate with all phonetically.

The film gives almost no references to time (the only reference is the 50-franc note that the entrance of the prison Mlik is hidden in a shoe), the film that surrounds Altroquando is leaden, us we see that Malik is transformed before our eyes occhi.Da boy who was almost frightened now rising rapidly all the steps of the food pyramid of prey became predatore.Non is no struggle for dominance between Malik and Luciani, the old corsi.Malik head of the scorched earth is simply intorno.Forse the last appearance of Arabic has been suggested that he had killed to be accommodated by corsi.La consciousness dissolves in fiamme.Non vendetta.E is' only the law of the strongest, the alpha male in branco.E 'got the new alfa.Il old male should resign ....

RATING 8.5 / 10


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