Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Relgious Quotes Fir Goidbye

Yesterday afternoon instead of wearily put in the queue drops below the spring back from the highway outside the city gitarella I decided to get in line for the withdrawal of occhialioni model skier entrance to the room where Dragontrainer projected in 3 D. Accompanied by the enthusiasm of my daughter's hidden behind the bin of pop corn.Per awhile before the movie starts on the interest I have doubted my daughter for the film: it was a good fight head to head with the barrel of the pops already asked me along the short route that separates our house from the multiplexes and the film had made me just a question or due.Poi when we went sailing on sight in a sea of \u200b\u200bpopcorn scattered everywhere, scattered on the ground as if he hoped to revive it (and then there are sterilizes the goggles to say that every vision and touch them only with latex gloves ---- ah ah ah ----- yesterday the big hands of the employees of the room were strictly "nature") and the lights went out doubt was behind the dissipato.Nascosta fanaloni polychromatic my daughter and I with her we passionate about film, for different reasons of course, related to the age difference. Dragontrainer is a film suitable for children of all ages or so, we say from 6 to 99 years, is a story friendship that goes beyond the anatomical differences and taxonomy, is a story of overcoming a natural distrust of the other, which often turns into hatred justified, is a story about heroes and heroes angry and forced a slightly smaller, less forces using intelligence instead of muscles to try to prevalere.Guardando I Went down into this film by magic in my childhood when I spent the time watching TV in a Japanese cartoon that was about the Vikings, the Vicky vichingo.E me I am surprised at the similarities between the character of the HIC and Vicky who used to curl his nose when he had found the solution to the problem was that Vicky risolvere.Sia Hic both sons of the chieftain, gracilini in a world of force and physical abuse, with the intelligence could survive as well as to give precedence to its own logic on brute force and more ottusa.In HIC has enemies flying dragons of various shapes and powers and has the good fortune to injure a dangerous and unknown to the other two puppies become Buia.E Fury amici.Sdentato, the dragon above, resulted from a pet, has the eyes when you look says it all (impssibile not think in the eyes of the alien Stitch in the previous two films of the directors of this board), it is fair and coraggioso.Al opposite of what is believed by the other Vikings in the village always looking to tell their nido.Delittuoso piĆ¹.Il 3 D where we are front is much better explored than in Avatar (which is mysteriously in the collective imagination the touchstone for the new three dimensional technology), climb on the back of Toothless is like going on a roller coaster, it is taken literally slapped by the gusts of wind, We are thrilled with the flybys and the spins.

aerial sequences in the 3-D is a big help spectacular but they are wrong to believe that the beauty of this film lies only in tecnologia.Dragontrainer is a film I would recommend even if it were in a dimension sola.Il design is round The village developed in height of the Vikings is beautiful, the play of light are almost as important as the technology that permeates this futuristic cartoon Dreamworks. It is a poetic tale of training and stimulating a funny observation about the costumes of our time (tell me if Astrid with her low waist pants, his moves on the model, its desire for emancipation is not a portrait of the adolescent type today), a film by the feel-good message is important and not 100%. Everybody just to become a hero has to take into account the possibility of being forced to pay a prezzo.Anche alto.E in times of display of perfection is no small thing to be a hero imperfetti.Ma disabled the same way.

RATING 8 / 10


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