Sunday, April 18, 2010

How Can I Tell If My Titleist Is Fake


I think the whole story revolving around this film there is an irony almost macabra.Naturalmente speak of each other's private Polanski, who unlike Adam Lang in America can not set foot (while Lang refuge there would not be extradited) and also because it speaks of the so-called ghost writer, the writer behind fatasma books published books of people who do not know scrivere.Lui has practically become a ghost director, as contained in his Swiss chalet at high altitude from which it can not get out, gilded cage, almost like that of the former premier in movie.avi iintanto his latest work has been snapped up premi.Molti spoke of similarities Hitchcock.Credo I also think there are but I do not seem so fondamentali.E 'true that all the characters in this film have something to nacondere, it is true also that the ghost writer is in the middle of something too big for him (as it was too big for those who had preceded him) but I think the similarities stop here, except maybe some detail secondario.Ad such as Hitchcock used to use a rich in saturated color photography, photography by The ghost writer is totally dull and desaturated tones favoring metallici.E poco.Cambia is not a difference from the atmosphere, breathe in the fresh air of paranoia in my opinion, the greatest value this film is that it is not part tempo.A mobile phones, notebook, internet and cars to keep up with modernity is a film set mostly on an island out of time and isolated in a house bunker linear geometries looking aseptic or rainy outside and solitari.Se not because it is clearly mentioned the Iraq war and defense of human rights, the plot would fit very well in historical contexts diversi.E 'a film that I believe the renewed appeal of the film sons of distress postkennedyana.A reminded me a lot of the good flm Pakula Why assassinio.Stessi strong powers as a direct emanation of the evil, the same progressive realization of a surrounding world that is what sembra.Il ghost writer of this film has the blame to be too many questions, to seek to blame because of what happened before his arrivo.Ha blame to discover the true extent of what is accaduto.Ma just a pawn, unaware, as such should be trattata.Polanski has returned to his best form after the previous search lyric Oliver Twist.E 'returned to his magnetic style, a few camera movements, the signs of anxiety spread little by little, the intrigue is revealed gradually in the eyes of the viewer, holding on tenterhooks for more than two ore.Un excellent narrative film from the estate, held on the recitation of good actors (and all the faccce right) and much more political sottolinei.Perchè than you all have said that Adam Lang is identified with Tony Blair and no one has mentioned the connivance of the U.S. and services and their alleged violzioni he is accused in the film premier.The the former ghost writer is a film proudly retro that has few analogues in the movies of recent years crushed by rhythms and fittings iperframmentati forsennati.E 'a film by writing and characters as well as time and fittings dialtati armoniosi.Nulla always similar in cinema of recent times already and Qusta is good reason to go and vedere.Forse the film in recent years that ideally the closest is the anomalous Michael Clayton, also the proud son of another time ...



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