Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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CATHEDRAL "THE guessing game"

Lee Dorrian has not yet learned to sing but then if Ozzy Osbourne still has not done so at a distance of forty-year career with the finest of singing teachers paid with hard cash and fragrant pounds, I think Lee arrived with his creature Cathedral to twenty years of honorable career, has at least another twenty years davanti.Però, it must be said that in his honor with his uneducated voice has improved the relationship, at least now know how to use and very modular meglio.The Guessing game continues to be a surprise since that is composed by 2 cd.Appena put the first CD in the player surprises continuano.Non both the intro, but what the first song that Funeral of dreams metling which is a pot of heavy, doom, rap, and so on and more I metta.La mind is racing now the only album in which the countrymen have experienced something My Dying Bride 34,788% ... Complete that he had made his mouth turn up almost all the news fans.Poi continue with some songs in the standard structure (Hedwig's Eyes) alternating other very anomalous (with the delicious Cats, Incense and Candles Wine) or more in line with some of the beautiful things of the past as an Anarchist.Anche Death of the Cathedral in the second cd seems to have given a refurbished décor and did take air to strumenti.Qui you approach more than another cd to heavy rock of the '70s (please do not chiametelo doom), Black Sabbath in the first place, but there are sudden accelerations and modernist who leave open mouth (see The Running Man in the middle between the monolithic riffs of Iron Man Balck Sabbath and faster punk of The Offspring). Overall, two CDs that do not get bored with a perfect production be able to grasp the changes of atmosphere (and sound) within each brano.Altri twenty years of this career Caths!!

RATING 8 / 10


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