Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bible Verses About Relexation


The reality always goes beyond the wildest imaginations of the story (true) Steven Russell is its blatant testimonianza.Prima to talk about the film, I once again condemn all the talent Italiot distributors of our beautiful country to overturn the original titles and especially to pass every where a trailer that has nothing to do with if we were inferior beings incapable of accept a movie a little bit different from the usual preordinati.A see the trailer seems to be confronted with the classic product semidemenziale weblog face-to-rubber-Carrey good for the first time on Sunday evening in Italy uno.Il film instead highlights on all other issues while paying duty in the first ten minutes to the concept that the public has Carrey's comedy style and looking for paying the Farrelly bros. Seeing him approaching the first film that came to my mind is Spielberg's Catch Me as the stories of Frank Jr. and Steven Russell Abbagnale have different points of contact. E'differente the way Spielberg raccontarle.Mentre interested in the idealization of the American Dream telling a bittersweet story, directors and screenwriters Requa and Ficarra of the American Dream do not know what to do, even take it literally picconate.Il bourgeois dream of the policeman in search of their natural mother is shattered in a bad car accident and wants to finally understands what his futuro.I love you Phillip Morris is a film muliforme, chameleon like his hero that swings back and forth between different registers and genres tells the story of a drop-out that fails to comply, to conform to what the circonda.E 'travesty of a magician claiming proudly own diversity, a more roguish Zelig, always on a brain capable of exploiting the slightest weakness of the system, using its symbols (the white coat that symbolizes the the prison doctor or the walkie talkie symbol of belonging to the police despite the rather garish clothing) and customs to blend in and conform to the environment while circostante.Tutto to undermine the rules imposed by society of which we take so and so many game and just to live their love affair with the Phillip Morris titolo.Tra various kinds of films it is also affected by the melodrama of a love story where the fate (and a lot of free will) is doggedly to divide the two amanti.Ed is love desperate Steven Phillip the cause of his modus operandi (despite being a magician and escape of disguise is always riaacciuffato shortly afterwards). He can not stay away from his Phillip.Carrey takes hold of the material filmed with impressive partecipazione.E not surprising if his rubber face and his facial expressions in the many comedians are seeing is a surprise, his great ability to retain its recitation in many segments This film.Quelli in which the story is inevitably complicated, and the company is preparing to submit the account of any wrongdoing made by nostro.La Carrey mask becomes all at once pathetic, not a clown sentenced to laugh more, Revisited ch of the Truman Show remains well in the memory to read the biography of Steven Russell is natural to think that his is a life film.Del rest as I said earlier, the reality always beats the imagination, even the most fervent of any writer ....
RATING: 7 / 10


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