Friday, February 12, 2010

Chloe's Wears Colored Contacts


It's the first time we come to eat at the restaurant owners I pizzeria.I say that after having restored the old farmhouse to which it is named, have made up the interior and opened the restaurant about 6 months fa.Fino week prior to our visit were open only for dinner, now in pranzo.Nell 'atrium There are a lot of photos of local scenes from the masterpieces of Italian cinema, a beautiful collection of our superstars fotogafica passato.Sordi, Gassman, Mastroianni, Vittorio De Sica, Silvana Mangano, Sophia Loren and many others to remember film immortal in our memories as the bulls, Bicycle Thieves, The Great War, Bitter Rice, The Usual ignoti.Decisamente locale.Il a point in favor of the owner is passionate about film (a topic that fascinates both and on which we amuse one) and old farm tools on display on the local pareti.Il is clean, is warm, the walls are painted in yellow ocher and purple, the tablecloths of good quality (and new), cutlery and crockery have looked very homemade, without much fronzoli.Siamo got a po'tardi that we are alone in locale.Meglio, we will have all the personnel at our disposizione.E 'for a local restaurant where we ask for advice menù.Gli cold starters consist of a cutting with various cold meats and cheeses and stagionati.Una note on the ham, ours, not very tasty and a cut po'spesso as me.Gli like hot appetizers are tasty divertissment the cook crepes with mushrooms, pies made with zucchini gratin, potato-shaped pear, rice balls and diced cotto.Decisamente intriganti.Ottimi also the first: I order the tagliatelle with zucchini batter into strips and mushrooms that I consider important, they also have a pasta miller with a sauce of peppers, eggplant and zucchini (a little heavy I must say) and do not regret even pasta alla chitarra with ragù.La pasta is fresh, handmade and judging by the time we have developed it must prepare momento.Per made to the second we are advised by a mixed grill of pork and lamb chops, sausage and sliced \u200b\u200bpot vitello.Il not abundant but it is all cooked to perfection with copious use of extra virgin olive strictly crudo.Per end homemade desserts (good chocolate panna cotta, tiramisu just discreet) and the bill, but perhaps slightly salato.L affordable 'impression given is positive, a brand new, just opened, and then be justified (perhaps for lack of experience ) are some shortcomings in service or some small details to improve (the soap dispenser was empty the sink dell'antibagno, while there was in the ladies bathroom is that of the lords). Another thing to improve is the duration of the meal: we spent about two hours and mezza.Forse a little too much for lunch on a day in the future we'll also feriale.E pizzas ....


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