Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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OVERKILL "Ironbound"

Laughing and joking, New Yorkers Overkill is almost thirty years that appears on the scene.Il their sound has always had something special that the others had not: the massive bass lines and important for the structure of the piece and vocals dell'erculeo Bobby "Blitz" Elsworth, a real mermaid the first acts of their discografia.Poi his voice while maintaining its originality and its inimitable has changed substantially after surgery on his vocal chords getting angry, snarling, sporca.Ma potentissima.Ironbound is always a welcome sorpresa.Gli recently Overkill to tell the truth do not have to press hard memorable and that's why Surprised. Ironbound is a 'classic album of overkill of the 80 and 90, played as they do in 2010.Un amazing album with a production that gives the right emphasis on each instrument, with ultracompresse guitars, drums and land-based Blitz Elsworth's voice that dominates everything from a new-found forma.Dopo a vague recollection of arpeggio sabbathian is in full swing with the first piece "The Green and Black" after a relaxed start taking shape in all its steaming power: ritimiche complicated, syncopated pattern between the two sides speed up and slow, ride a rather long and complex.
Surely one of the strengths of the disc although I think as opener was not the most azzeccato.E track 'a bit deeper, that has many different melodic lines and hitting after several ascolti.Forse to approach the disc was better to put the sulphurous title track, with a killer refrain, and one of great melodic power, or the chips run at high speed or Bring The Night Give a Little.Due simpler pieces with melodies that will stay in focus in the ears ascolto.La first since the first part of the record certainly contains the best bits, but Iron bound remains at good levels for most of its duration durata.Forse argues for a certain flatness to the rest of the sound is monolithic finale.Del and constant, so it can take over some degree of assuefazione.DD Verni has lost its curls to a short cut, Elsworth have swollen biceps even if you begin to see signs of aging, but not overkill lost their decibels primigenia.Bentornati thrash fury!

RATING 7.5 / 10


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