Sunday, February 14, 2010

Inconternence Swimming Pants


Morgana has the same age as my daughter, 7 years and some mese.Sono grew up together, but above all we all grew up together as a unit familiare.E 'a dog breed , a yorkshire terrier but do not get strange ideas about me.Io dogs I've always collected from animal shelters or the street, and virtually no Morgana eccezione.Un my client had the mother and decided to match it, albeit in a fairly old tarda.E Morgan came out, like in all respects to the father and little sister, smaller and completely different: For charity yorkshire but always with a rounder head and a totally different hair. When we completed the vaccination plan provided for my client told me that Morgana (as of course we put it next to us and this time in history) the next day would be brought to a pet store, on display to be sold. I swear I heard it male.E objected that they were three months who lived in an apartment, it would be really bad for her being in a cage and a showcase for who knows how tempo.E I asked him what he wanted to the dog, at what price would venduto.Pensavo my wife, excited about the birth of Lucrezia, already pressed to get another figlio.Avevamo already planned since we were engaged that we would have two children, always had God not voluto.Ma hide the fact that after three months of the birth of our first child, I was still confused (and not for the hours of lost sleep, the night I've never heard it, I sleep a little but when I do sleep like a rock, seriously short) and perhaps I did not feel ready to have suffered another figlio.Così if the claims were not for Morgan absurd ... and the client happy with my involvement has practically giving me (I have restored the money back only vaccine administered) . And I brought home this cluster of nails and teeth, with two lively eyes hidden behind a thick peluria.I early days were not easy especially for my wife who was forced out with a stroller and a lead, Morgan has learned everything and now the new First he learned to climb on the bed with a technical sua.Una all sort of double jump: jumping on the first side and then from there a new momentum for letto.All 'start but could not head a couple of days we found a bed to sleep four in Latvia (not to Putin that you understand!). And this for several months, until we moved into the new house, with a little garden fenced intorno.All 'tended to start and run unfortunately it was also investita.Si broke her pelvis in several places but the recovery was quick and completo.L 'single price to pay is that we had ovarioisterectomizzare because it was risky to have them cuccioli.Morgana is very good, contrary to what one thinks about kind, gentle and patient with my children (which so combine all the colors) is sleeping curled up on the chairs like a cat and a special technique for eating: to eat a crunchy volta.Ora instead prefers to sleep on the Latvian divanone skin . When I go over in the living room to watch TV I really do not know if it is with me because she loves me (because when I'm at home I always follow step by step) or because he likes knowing the divano.Ma I think it's the first I said ...


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