Friday, February 12, 2010

Daughter Hands In Mouth


Minnie paziente.Fa technically not a part of the furniture of the surgery. Gatta abandoned about five years ago in the window of the operating room, outside. We heard meowing from inside but could not realize . Till the night out there are aware of what scatoloncino where there was this little creature suffering miagolante.Avrà and had at most a couple of months and had every appearance of being investita.Aveva his jaw broken in several places, a foreleg letterlamente pulverized but it was clear that he wanted to vivere.E 'was a small gamble to save it, but we lost riusciti.Ma Minnie the left front leg and the jaw also has a strange shape that gives it a beautiful face particolare.Non will (but for me it is) but it is the most affectionate cat I've ever visto.Non I've ever seen do an act of aggression I have not ever blow or scratch qualcuno.Si closer and trusting to everyone and if someone sits in the waiting room, she gets her up to be caressed and coccolare.E if someone leaves you open a crate one sticks dentro.Minnie befriends and tries because every time I was alone in a room is moved to a room with someone by his interno.E never leave bags or coats on scrivania.Lei nestles there and we seemed to just start sleeping sopra.Mi this little book from her ....


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