Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Micrologus" May VALENTE "Ahab

few days ago I dropped a CD store near my house (so to speak, a few kilometers) robettina particolare.Abbastanza specializing in niche stuff has a lot of jazz and fusion music classica.Io I immediately spotted the department of medieval music and I was attracted by the cd I'm talking about in this momento.Non knew before now that I read this ensemble author of twenty cd (probably published in a world apart from the normal mainstream discography) and among the first to rediscover and revive the medieval music in Italy rebuilding the instruments that were played at the time thanks to the work of masters liutai.A see photographs of these instruments must be precisely true artisti.Dicevo I was attracted to the CD in question: specifically, I was attracted by the subtitle of May Valente, ie the words Songs and Dances from the Middle Ages in the Italian courts Rinascimento.A that point I thought that was a must listen and a few minutes later also became a must buy. Through 21 tracks, some of which are instrumental only, for a total of about 65 minutes, this disc is a delicious way to the sounds of that era. Listening to almost forget where you are, what era you live, what you're getting carried away by these charming facendo.Realmente and sounds of these voices, a kind of mental exploration in the piazzas and castles most famous in Italy that allows you to review past trips to those places rich in history and charm with this new, unpublished column sonora.Leggendo the liner notes I discovered that almost all components of the ensemble or have moved to Umbria Umbria and avendoci studied in the green, and beautiful region, I regret even more not to have met them prima.Il disk in question is 2007 and is dedicated to the memory of one of the components basic ensemble, Adolfo Broegg died in 2006, only 45 graduated from the conservatory anni.Tutti I read on their site ( who participated in the soundtracks of films such as Boys and Out Mediterraneo.Di this May Valente especially appreciate the variety of cuts proposed, the splendid work on the vocal lines, alternating and interweaving the work of the male and female voice with the tools to work excelled corda.Il my favorite song on this CD, however, all high-level, is La Vida de Culin (Ballet). It is true that a shame to have them open with plenty of ten years of delay ....

RATING: 8.5 / 10


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