Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Best Birthday Wishes To Your Boss


This is a place that is outside of all the guides enogastronomiche.Non is a local white-collar, it's all very familiar, all based on the overflowing personality of the owner that in the few minutes that we spoke told me to outline his life as a vita.Decisamente movie.avi 'a restaurant from the kitchen very homemade, maybe even a club appearance po'dimesso, clean but rather disadorno.E' the classical room in which the content is worth much more than the kitchen in the center of forma.La tutto.Si can choose between fish and meat, but since we are in Ladispoli, location Roman Rome and Civitavecchia, near the drawing room of the Riviera di Fregene, a majority chose the fish, someone carne.Ed azzeccatissima.Il owner is a choice offers us a broad outline of the fish menù.Antipasti hot and cold seafood salad , first with spaghetti and risotto while the second proposes a cod all'acquapazza (almost two kilograms of cod!) and a frittura.Cominciamo from appetizers, the plates rotate with starters of the most varied wildly (oysters, mussels and clams, seafood skewers etc etc) to a fabulous seafood salad that we enjoyed a great deal of successo.Tra someone who does not eat fish, so we propose a good quality Italian-style appetizer, excellent cheese balls bufala.Passando of the first are brought spaghetti sea and mountains of good quality especially the part relating to fish and excellent seafood risotto with just a sprinkling of pink pomodoro.Poi is passed to the dish already fed up all the starters and the first two, however, also a abbondanti.Diamo assaggiatina the first prepared for the "carnivores". bucatini all'amatriciana I do not make a big impression, but since we were just tickled by the fish .... Then comes the centerpiece of the dining room almost two kilograms of cod cooked all'acquapazza. Honestly I had never eaten anything genere.Inutile parole.Da try and try basta.Ma is definitely beyond the limit reached troppo.Siamo humanly possible, in our stomach no longer even enter a spillo.Dobbiamo say enough is enough and decide to fry and all that would come later, including homemade cake ... but when enough is enough, especially when the quality accompanies quantità.Il price? absolutely ridiculous. ..


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