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Labelled Parts Of The Viking Ship



the late '60s saw the light of four bands that contributed to the birth of the current hard-rock metal.


Trio of San Francisco (U.SA.), formed in 1967 by singer / bassist Dickie Peterson. They had success with a cover of it by Summertine Blues' album "Vincebus Eruptum. They are still in activity '.
have been influential in the acid-rock music.

Other plays:

- Peace of Mind;
- Rock Me Baby;
- Second Time Around.

2. The Stooges

rock group formed in Detroit (USA) in 1967 by Iggy Pop. Are considered among the forerunners of punk-rock. Scioltisi were then reunited in 1974 in 2003.


Album: The Stooges and Fun House.
Singles: I Want to Be Your Dog, punk manifesto.

3. VELVET Undergraund

nationalist group 'USA formed in 1965 by the encounter between Lou Reed and John Cale.I two musicians created an experimental rock, made of simple melodies as opposed to raw rhythms and obsessive. They had great success when Andy Warhol produced their album alongside the group the female voice of NICO.

listening: The Velvet Undergraund and Nico (Exploding Plastic Inevitable), Squeeze Sweet Jane.


American rock band formed in 1969 in Long Island (New York). They were influential in the development of hi-rock and precursors of heavy metal. Leslie West (guitar) and Felix Pappalardi (bass) were the icons of the group.


- Mountain, 1969;

And individual: Mississippi Queen, Dreams of Milk and Honey; Long Reed, Blood Of The Sun


the late '60s and early 70s, while in GB were already 'famous Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath in the U.S. and the MC5, and Velvet Undergraund Grand Funk R., in Italy were the most popular Claudio Villa, Rita Pavone and Orietta Berti ( sic!).

proto metal songs do not even passed on the radio. However, many of our musicians felt the need to step outside the canons of "Italian-style melody."
complex is formed very transgressive, but famous' for the cover of American and British bands: ex. Nomads; Equipe 84, Ravens; New Dada, etc. ..

is created, however, a genuine Italian progressive rock genre, very much appreciated also abroad (Sweden, Japan, Holland, Germany) by some groups such as ballet BRONZE, Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM), the tracks and the downside.

I would point out the latter group, the flip side, formed by three talented jazz musicians Romans, who in 1971 had an extraordinary success in northern Europe with the single "Sodom and Gomorrah."
Go to listen to the song on YOU TUBE. It 'an instrumental piece at all dated, which could be repeated today with success.


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