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Interview - Pastor Stephen

Title: The interview
Author: Stefano Pastor
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Montag
Pages: 212
Price: € 16.00

Novel Award winner "The Phoenicians 2010"
A Rocciaverde, a small country, David is seen eleven gray into a car. Disappear forever. Four years later, Maximus, twelve year old actor prodigy, is coming to Rocciaverde to play a movie on the history of David. The country has not forgotten, although Umberto Raschi, the gray car killer, is in jail. But Max is a perfectionist and wants to know everything about the life of David, every single detail, talking with all those who knew him. A search that leads him to a game more than him, and that could cost him his life.

I happen to find myself less and less to their hands a book that takes my sleep, the interview was one of them.
Pastor proves very good in the art of writing, but I believe this work must necessarily be divided into two distinct parts. On one hand, the narrative style, pace and ability to involve the reader, the texture and thickness of the other characters. The first aspect
is clearly positive and compensates for (almost) the absence of a second. The author is in fact very good in the use and choice of words, t'incolla pages with a fluid style and direct, that is striking and intriguing. On the other hand I believe that the credibility of the characters and the narrative is not entirely sufficient.
this is a thriller that has its roots in a history of serial murder, the eye of an attentive reader will immediately fall heavy on the inconsistencies, especially the total absence of any investigation, coming out as the plot unfolds. A reader can not help but wonder why no investigations were carried out following the arrest of a serial killer, how come they have never been done research in the area, and will not find the chalet where the killer tortured the victims, why has not shown anything in four years, which could be suspected to investigators that things had not turned out as the killer would have you believe.
The author seems to be paying more attention to the scenery which surround the story rather than the story itself, which is paid too much superficiality.
The theme, that of child abuse and the tragic consequences that such events bring, it is merely a means to tell the story. The argument, however, is thorny and complex, and in my opinion he deserved a much deeper introspective and certainly more careful.
The attitude of the players, compared to what they have experienced, it is sweetened, almost superficial, the choices that have worked are faced with too much simplicity, without enabling the reader to convince himself that are just, or at least credible. Can not get into the psychology of these guys, you do not understand what are the predominant issues in their lives, what you should aim to become attached to them, in essence, we must passively accept the little that is told by the author without asking too many questions because otherwise if you insist on translating the story on a rational plan, the book loses much of its potential.
The development of the plot is somewhat difficult to fill the black hole, especially in the finale, which is a bit 'too much fireworks (for example, in the crucial moment comes out a gun that has not ever mentioned during the narrative) and maybe a little 'feel-good and too easy.
Too bad, because it is obvious that Pastor has excellent potential, and is now increasingly rare to find an author so good in the art of writing. And especially shame because this book could earn five stars with a firm foundation and a bit 'of extra attention to detail, which would have made The Interview a small masterpiece instead of a decent pastime.
Despite the flaws, however, the interview is a good way to spend some time in the company of an author who seems to know his stuff, who knows how to keep high the attention of his reader and knows perfectly dosed suspense and revelations.



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