Friday, February 11, 2011

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Photo Album for a mother

A sweet girl named ELEONORA commissioned me a photo album to give to his mother. Theme Cats and pastel colors ... I took the liberty of adding the butterflies because I know that she likes so much and even Glitter !!!............ the words Cover:-P!

The original structure of the album is like an accordion, the same that I used for the Guest Book Eleonora commissioned me about a year ago.

Well, let's start from the cover: a beautiful cat from the sly on the cover, completely handmade from felt and fabric in my country (nose and eyes). The letters are the usual printed matters, I have dipinde then covered with white or white iridescent glitter!

This is the first page decorated with a criss cross card and my favorite picture! The card is decorated with a tender charm Wiff of Joy

From time to time I quote the famous phrases in the pages dedicated to my mother, I felt a bell'accompagnamento these beautiful photos!

Here are my two favorite pages or the one with the butterflies and one in which I entered the wonderful poem by De Amicis "My mother!

Hence begins on the back page a little pastel colors a bit but I was influenced by the T-shirts of the girls ....... Well I would say that the union has compensated well-LOVE RED!

Another detail of the cover

and structure accordion

Well, my Ele dear ... I'd finished, I hope you like it!


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