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The path of roses - Marcello G. CAPUTO

Title: The path of roses
Author: Marcello G. Caputo
Publisher: Editions CIESSE
Yellow Pages:
184 Price: 15.80 Euro

FOURTH Rome. The body of a young woman is found in an alley in the suburbs, has been brutally tortured. The murderess, before you get rid of the body, she has washed and perfumed, and then lying on the street in front of her drawing a trail of rose petals. The place comes the Commissioner Sergio Tancredi, so that macabre modus operandi is a tragic return to the past. Four years before, in fact, his only daughter was killed by a serial killer dubbed by the local press "The Paparazzo" the habit of placing the victims in poses from the calendar. Meanwhile, two boys meet and fall in love, while a senior psychologist after years of hermitage will be forced to confront the ghosts of his past.

PLOT: The trail is a yellow rose that recounts the struggle of the Commissioner Tancredi against a serial killer, the Paparazzo, which became the protagonist of four murders, one of which concerned the daughter of the commissioner himself, which occurred four years before the discovery of the corpse which opens the book. Throughout the book are developed dynamics that involve seemingly secondary characters but in reality will be the key to unlocking the mystery.

RATING: I divide my review into two parts, one on the author's style that I found on the whole fair even if sometimes a bit 'naive, and one plot development that is completely inadequate.
Although the author is able to arouse curiosity and interest, using direct language and creating a good plot, with a narrative that uses flashback moving like the eye of a camera on the different scenes and different characters, the overall result we returns a book decidedly bitter, they remain too many unanswered questions and especially when the murderess intuits from the first page.
The plot is weak and at times highly stereotyped, the clues scattered throughout the text are not fleshed out with full answers, and although there are elements of the typical yellow they are not exploited in the right way, even better to say they are virtually forgotten once you find the ' murderess.
So the reader reading the word order is sought: and why he killed that way? What does kill the woman rather than another? Because he made that choice and the author has stressed me so much if he does not tell me anything?
Well, it's put a lot of irons in the fire but when the chips are left with a bitter taste in mouth.
editing seemed absent. Apart from the unnecessary repetitions and smears that were taken away, there are some inconsistencies that heavy a keen eye can not help but notice, inconsistencies that undermine the highly successful book, both in the hatch of the characters in both the development of history itself, and probably would have been avoided with more careful editing work. I try to bring some examples, trying not to say too much about the plot, one of the key characters is a psychologist who became a psychiatrist after a few chapters, a college student at the end of the book although he spent only two weeks, thirty-eight years, the serial killer who lives in a hovel in the suburbs but brings his victims in a normal apartment in another district by the author to say that this is his home, and many others.
Overall, my opinion does not reach enough, considering that the author has the potential to be exploited, it makes me think that probably would have been better to choose another kind, because the yellow demand great care, and originality attention to detail in this text are completely missing. FINAL VOTE

2 / 5


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