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I should note that the groups that I post (in an extremely compact) are not exhaustive the topic "The roots of metal". I therefore invite readers to leave their comments and suggestions that I will surely have 'the opportunity to appreciate and are an indispensable source of enrichment of this blog.

However, other cranes ppi that influenced the emerging hard-rock scene are certainly the following:

- URIAH HEEP : The group was formed 'in London in 1965 under the name of Stalkers and only later, after the change of many musicians, loan 'in the name of Uriah Heep, taken from a character in the novel "David Copperfield" by C. Dickens. This group still active and well known, is remembered for the monumental works that rock has produced. Today they are considered the fathers of the 'Epic metal ".
- Bird of Prey from 'album "Salisbury", - Gypsy album "Very' umble Eavy very ..." - the album "Demons and Wizards."

- THE NICE : MuCis mixture of folk, rock, blues and classical in this British group formed in 1967. After the first album, the group decides to do without the guitar shifting attention to the keyboardist Keith Emerson. To hear versions of Bach and Sibelius. The group is to identify in the art rock genre.

- HUMBLE PIE: It 's the English supergroup Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton, formed in the late sixties. The two talented musicians have greatly influenced subsequent generations of musicians.
listening: the granite album "Rock On".

I would also mention other groups so-called "minor" famous for one piece or one or two seasons, but which, however, 'had a huge echo in those years. Report:

- THE CREATION : British band, rock, pop and psychedelic guitarist Eddie Philips in 1966 signature 'song "Painter Man" manifesto of the hippie scene. In those years the group was second only to the legendary The Who.

also recommend listening to:

  • The Renegades : England, Birmingham. with the song "Cadillac" of 1966;
  • Troggs: with the song "With a Girl Like You" in 1967.
  • THE SMALL FACES: the already 'said Steve Marriot, with the songs "Lazy Sunday" from 1967 and "Tin Soldier" in 1968.


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