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A little 'history

Label the birth of a musical style with a date or the title of a song and 'always reductive and covered a straightforward classification.
Obviously my view is just the point of view of a reporter 's age and are not the Word.
In Italy in the mid-60s most groups 'tragressivi of which I have had the memory Nomads ( you own them), with songs ' God 'dead' and "How you can judge ", the Ravens with the song" A boy of St. harbor ", the Dada and The New Balordi.
There were also numerous "complex" which offered cover band of British and American in Italy which had not yet reached the individual 45.
But it 's right in United Kingdom and the United States that in those years created the first guitar riff of "scratching" and "hard" and where the lyrics touch on social issues and increasingly relevant: everything' was due the discomfort felt by the young age against the antiquated political class, the working conditions aberrant anachronistic educational methods, the wretched war in Vietnam, racism, etc..


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