Friday, January 4, 2008

Sadlier-oxford Vocabulary Level E Answers

Historians attribute to the song "You Really Got Me" of 1964 the British group The Kink : the first cry metal.
But in fact, 'the metal music comes from more' "founding fathers", each with identity 'bill that marked the grooves and influenced generations of musicians.
In my humble opinion, considering the devastating impact that was felt in those years, the main groups due to nascit to the "Metal" are the following:

  • - MC5 stands for "Motor City Five" born in Detroit in 1965. For the first sound in high volumes, with monstrous riffs. Characterized by psychedelic music. Do not miss the live album "KICK OUT THE JAMES" ;
  • - B LACK SABBATH , British, born in 1969. Music from the impression rock, blues and jazz. Album main Black Sabbath, Paranoid and Master of Reality , Volume IV and single Iommi;
  • - LED ZEPPELIN , British, born in 1968. With streaks of music, rock, blues and even folk. Do not miss the album and Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II ;
  • - DEEP PURPLE , English, 1967. Veins and progressive rock. Music played at high volume. Do not miss the single "Hush" and the live "Made in Japan" ,
Do not underestimate the following groups:

  • - Steppenwolf, American 1968. famous for the song "Born To Be Wild" column of the film "Easy Rider". From the reviews it appears the word "Heavy Metal Thunder" to indicate the roar of motorcycles;
  • - BLUE OYSTER CULT , Americans in 1970, gifted instrumentalists. Even with their veins pop and progressive. Do not miss the album "Blue Oyster Cult" and "Tiranny & Mutation"
  • - GRAND FUNK RAILROAD , Americans in the Province of Detroit, born in 1969. From the sound brutal. E 'seen the band live more' loved. Do not miss "We're An American Band."
  • - VANILLA FUDGE , Americans born in 1966, rock influences, is the manifesto of the psychedelic music. Do not miss the single "Some Velvet Morning" and "You Keep Me Hangin'On.


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