Thursday, January 17, 2008

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INFLUENCES PART 1. Proto-metal

A separate merit then other groups, although not specifically among the "founding fathers" of the metal and / or hard rock, however, have influenced generations of musicians and had established a place in rock history.
In my opinion we should not forget the following bands:

- THE WH O : London-based group, born in 1962. The largest group are considered 'important in the landscape of rock and roll of all time. Popular with the song "My Generation" performed at the Woodstock festival in 1969. They then made rock operas like "Tommy" and "Quadrophenia." Considered proto-punk are remembered for the innovative use of the battery by Keith Moon and why they destroyed the instruments after each performance.

- Jethro Tull : English born in 1968 by the brilliant flutist Ian Anderson . Influences are blues, folk and jazz. Gained fame as group "Progressive". Will be the reference point for the burgeoning blues acid groups, progressive and experimental. Plays: "This Was" and "Aqualung."

- THE YARDBYRDS : British group in 1965. He started the career of the leading rock guitarists: Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. Band blues, rock and pop, paved the way for the advent of 'hard rock through innovations such as the use of guitar distortion,, fuzztone, feedbach and improved effects and amplification. The riff of "For Your Love 'and' regarded as the first cry of 'hard rock.

- JIMI HENDRIX : U.S. color (1942/1970). E 'is considered the most' great guitarist in rock history. Guitarist strictly blues, and psychedelic rock, is the one that has influenced all generations of musicians, without exception. (Which would have made Jaco Pastorius, electric bass). To listen to the entire production with the trio "Jimi Hendrix Experience".

- Byrds : Americans born in 1965. Matrices country, folk, rock and psychedelic. Were important in the second half 'of 60 years with the singles "Mr.Tamburine Man," "Turn Turn Turn" and the album "Fifth Dimension". They had much influence in the next rock scene and are recognized as the inventors of folk rock.


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