Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How Many Sins Are There In The Bible


Continuing the series of bands which, directly or indirectly, influenced the birth of the current metal it should be noted these two additional groups:

. THE MOVE: British band born in Birmingham in 1965 by guitarist Roy Wood . Very popular at home and almost 'unknown in the States. To listen to the individual:

  • "Flovers in the Rain";
  • "Fire Brigade";
  • "Night of Fear";
  • and the LP "The Move".

. LOVE SCULPTURE: trio of Cardiff (GB), formed in 1966 by virtuoso guitarist Dave Edmunds . Initially offering blues covers and are dedicated to cover classical music. To listen:

  • "Blues Helping"
  • "Forms and Feeling"
and the individual:

  • "Sabre Dance" by Khachaturian
  • "Farandole" Bizet.


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