Wednesday, February 6, 2008

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From what has previously been exposed, it is clear that:

- the word "metal" and ' an abbreviation of "heavy metal" (in Italian heavy metal);

- the "metal" and' a derivation of the hard rock music and represents the most impressive and diverse genre of rock history;

- 's hard rock is characterized by aggressive rhythms and powerful sounds obtained with 'emphasis on the guitar and bass and sometimes the voice

- the issues are often violent, dreamy and dreary;

- the metal will take 'the road cut by the' hard rock emphasizing even more 'sounds and texts, but both genders will travel in parallel. Today, after 40 years on the bottle what is considered the first "cry" metal, and you 'format an endless panorama undergrand with an infinite number of bands and subgenres.

- The term "Heavy Metal" also appears in the literature. The first example is the story SOFT MACHINE " writer William S. Burroughs published in 1962, where the character "Uranian Willy" is called with the nickname "The Heavy Metal Kid."

- The first hard rock guitar riffs seem born in the industrial suburbs of the English city of Birmingham by the group THE MOVE.

- music critic Lester Bang The first uses the word "heavy metal" to describe the sound of live BLUE OYSTER CULT.

- In fact, the term "Heavy Metal" entered the common language in the late '70s with the NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL ( Iron Maiden, Venom, Saxon etc.).

- To date, historians attribute to the band JUDAS PRIEST production of the first complete metal album titled "SAD WING OF Destiny" 1976.


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