Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sterowniki Do Radeon 9000u Family

the music market

In USA. each year are produced and consumed in about 30,000 new cd recording industry groups and singers of all genres and music, eager to emerge.
Of these, however, 'only 5 or 6 every week are made to listen through the local radio stations. In one year, no more 'than 200 new songs are so' proposals and made known to a large audience, which in turn will decide the success of the very few bands.
It 's a natural selection? They are successful only the most 'talented? But the other 29,800 bands what happened to? Who has determined that 200 bands for radio broadcast are the best?
This arduous task is up to the good dj but especially (and unfortunately) to record companies which, to avoid mistakes (ie 'not to lose money), and propose that' similar to the market success of the moment.

In particular, here in Italy , consumers of music, that we hear only what 'is that their "REQUIRED" from the best producers, often improvised and sometimes musically incompetent. The equation: if you're good and ready sooner or later, backgrounds, (ie 'the meritocracy) in music does not make sense. Vince only the logic of the market "I propose that only products that are sure to sell."
certainly among the 200 groups "lucky" there are certainly valid and musicians with new ideas, but 'we lost because we do not listen to everyone else?
you do, we can continue to pay 20 € for a cd already 'heard and drew back and with all due respect to everyone.

change the subject, I purposely approached two bands "MC5" and "MARDUK" not by chance, but to highlight how far did the metal music from the dawn of the MC5 in 1969 to the current Marduk, now one of the groups more extreme.



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