Friday, January 21, 2011

How To Remove Spectacles

early twentieth century the Monster

"We got 'Lea stand in front of the old Art Nouveau villa" So what do you think? ". The large dark eyes
Ago darted from one side of the house. The sun had just fallen and the twilight cast giant shadows of bare trees.
"Have you wondered why so large a house costs so little?".
"Because people are stupid," laughed Lea, "but we will not let us influence by a popular rumor."
In that house, a evening in the early Twentieth Century, was a fire broke out that killed elderly couple, the body of their only child, born when they had already lost hope of becoming parents, was never found. Legend has it that every night the pair came back from the walls to search for the child so much desired.

Since then, despite numerous renovations, the house had been uninhabited.
Lea entered followed by a hesitant Ago, but as soon as it set foot in was caught in a violent fit of coughing.
"Everything okay?" Said Lea thinking that the cause was dust.
needle was put my hands around his neck to unbutton his shirt to breathe fatigue, his face was purple, "Augustine, who are you?" touched his forehead was cold, but his body was enveloped in a whirlwind of hot air.
"I'm hot, so hot," he said dripping with perspiration, pulling off her sweater. The shirt crumbled in an instant, forming a pile of charred scraps on the floor.
"Let's go!" Shouted Lea grabbed his arm, as the smoke began to fill the house. The fresh air
comforted him, Aug once on the road began to breathe normally.
"Forgive me love, I did not think ..." said Lea disbelief with tears.
needle, silent embrace, and with a smile sharp and happy watching the house engulfed in flames.
residential where a century earlier had killed his parents, guilty of having raised and then denied, was not the best of wishes for his new life caring for her husband.


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