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Cervix High And Soft 1 Day Before Period

Nuèter forever - Alessandro Bassi and Andrea Friggeri

Title: Nuèter forever
Publisher: Kabyle
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 280
Price: € 10.00

adventure between present and past that revolves around the story of a friendship and the girl who is the magnetic pole. Friendship stifled by an accident and a terrible secret that lurks beneath the ashes like burning coal, forever linking the fates of the protagonists. And the last attempt to revive this fire a flame even stronger and brighter than before.

Nuèter forever is the story of Eve, Falze, Lucio and Sergio that binds inseparably with that of other high school classmates, the essence of quintaelle, mythologized and missed and the true protagonist of the novel. Everything revolves around a traumatic event happened at the end of high school, and the remorse that indelibly marks the lives of children. None of them managed to close with its past, let alone the group of four appointed to the top. They retraced the years of post-adolescence alternating bulky and upcoming thirty until you get to a reunion ten years after the reserving a final very dramatic.

The higher the expectation, the greater the risk of hitting a disappointment. And in this case the expectation arising from MFDT was very high. Nuèter forever was a decent read that bulimic good book I finished in an evening, but I have not found it particularly exciting. It seemed to me to see the frenzy of wanting to enter at all costs the player in the dynamics and psychology of the characters, perhaps because of the awareness that the story had little to say, going to tread too hand on irrelevant details and losing sight of what should be the primary purpose of a novel like this, that stimulate the reader fond of making their own history. The issue should be treated
play much introspection, introspective, but in reality there is very little in these figures, moods and feelings are described only superficially, without going deep, I do not know whether by choice or by inexperience, or fear.
is not easy to tell what is so special as lived by himself, but that is really the story of all, if you are not particularly adept at show do not tell the risk of falling into complacency and d ' fall in love of what is said, losing the reader in the street. In MFDT this had not happened, and how MFDT in the style of the two authors, however, presents some interesting alternate with moments in which an exaggerated low and melancholy self-sterile and too insistent bored and stuck reading.

The plot. The book opens in the best possible way, uploading of curiosity to see how it ends. The problem is that you must cross to get over two hundred and fifty pages that do not add much to the initial revelation. And 'no doubt that there is a thread that holds in a grip of sadness and broken memories in which many recognize, but despite this the novel is a bit 'weak.
The key episode of the story leaves a feeling of dissatisfaction, because the expectation is created in more than one hundred and fifty pages in which the characters do little more than announce the outbreak of the bomb is not supported by adequate disclosure.
The fact in itself, although certainly not very pleasant, it seems a small thing compared to the huge boulder that dominates the lives of four boys.
The uniqueness and originality of the group, that being so special to justify the heavy emotional of the novel is steeped in and make sense of the dramatic finale fireworks display in reality never comes out, all flat and normal , Ordinary people do ordinary things. And the excessive dwelling on the unlived life of the protagonists and their devastating sense of guilt is unjustified and sometimes pathetic.

style is not always smooth, sometimes intriguing and simple, sometimes too theatrical and load, weighed down by unnecessary descriptions and considerations that emerge here and there and that could be easily assimilated by the reader. Expectations that the authors create the beginning of the book are not met quickly, infusing latent dissatisfaction that grows as you go along with the reading.
point of view changes in the course of the book, which I never appreciated before and even this time:)

The characters are all too outlined, characterized in too insistent with the risk of making them seem like caricatures of themselves. The characterization, however, stops at the most superficial level, aesthetic, and goes a little deeper. We can not know much about the inner life of anyone, except that Vic's death has touched everyone in a more or less evident.

The final is in line with the rest of the book: the idea but just too much load in the yield.

Overall it seems to me just a story but at times incomplete, strong but monochromatic, narrated with a watered-down text, which can be understood but that could be told with a hundred pages and a bit less' in most of panache.
Dear Andrea, as you can see, I liked it a bit 'less than half MFDT but MFDT is one of the best I've ever read, so ...:)

FINAL VOTE: 6 / 10


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