Friday, January 21, 2011

How To Clean A White-shock Rubber


Gianni let slide a finger across the screen turned off the TV, there's no dust. There is only silence in that room. He sits on the couch in front of the glass table where he allowed her the luxury of setting the dinner: a bottle of whiskey, a box of Prazene and a letter written already. He takes off his jacket at home in hot weather. It could turn the air conditioner, but does not know where the remote control.

Back-Gianni. I was born on June 7 of seventy-six, midwife closed his eyes and raised them to heaven for a while. Cleft lip very large, he said were close to my mother's breast.

He bought a new dress for the occasion that money ended up in a pinstripe suit and white shirt had stolen them in an old bus, but they do not feel guilty. It was for a good cause.
takes a tablet, it weighs on the palm of your hand and spins slowly between thumb and forefinger before you swallow it with a swig of Jack Daniel's. Gianni
stoops to caress the fabric rippled carpet of bright red, then passes his forehead sweating by allowing a grain remains in color red skin.

My mother fainted. This is what he told me one night fourteen years later, when it was still too bright. And I was too ignorant to know what was the cleft lip and palate, I was still smart enough to understand that the deformity would always be my business card. And so I present to you, please, are Gianni, Gianni the Monster.

Swallow Prazene more, drink more whiskey. The head starts spinning and your breath becomes short. Loose the first two buttons of his shirt, takes the phone off the floor and turn it on for a while, new posts to read, Paul has tried three times to call. Then off again.

My childhood was more miserable than you can imagine. An outcast, a monster to hide. I can still hear the echo of the words of zì Titta, those who spoke during the rites to which I submitted my mother. He said it was the fault of the devil. A devil called Tavor.

The home phone rings, on the other side there might be someone who would beg not to, but now it's too late. Gianni gets sluggish, takes a few steps in a circle and watch the pictures on the walls. A young girl with big eyes and smiles kindly nailed to the wall. Gianni caresses frame per day. The acrid stench of death fills the room and seems to want to choke.

At sixteen, I decided to escape from her who had generated my horror to cure her, I went to night like a thief, after opening the gas. Mom loved to smoke in the morning, immediately after taking the first Tavor.

yet to throw poison in the blood, even alcohol. The Prazene is almost finished, the whiskey too. Gianni feels hot, too hot. The clothes the throttle, the legs are soft. He hears the answering machine take.

I wandered among the streets and stations for years without looking in the mirror. Nobody has ever come close to me I could read him without mercy in his eyes. Even the whores I have ever wanted, but I would pay any price for a single kiss. Nobody wanted to kiss the Monster Gianni. I became invisible, hid my disfigured face behind the old patched scarves in winter and shade in the summer of garbage cans.

- I'm not home, leave a message after the beep.
- I'm Paul, are you there? You have the phone turned off.

I saw for the first time Friday at the Caritas soup kitchen, she was beautiful. She smiled, told me that I had to eat off my scarf. I did, and scared. I noticed dall'impercettibile backward movement that now I had learned to recognize. But she continued to talk, he wanted to be my friend, a friend of John the Monster. She stroked his lips curled, he tried to stretch into a sort of smile, the first in years.

Tears fill my eyes while walking around the room trying not to look ever on earth, Gianni dries them with his shirt soiled even notice it. Too bad, he would like to be placed in the coffin with a good dress.
stumbles in the supermarket bag placed in front of the library and almost falls.

Milena, that was his name, was the only one who could see through my mask. I loved her immediately. I loved her raven hair, I wanted see them loose just once, rather than collected in the tank cap. I rocked him for weeks, months, in the heat that he knew me.

oppression that makes him strip naked in rooms, with rapid movement that hard to control. The thighs are sweaty stick on the leather sofa, the latest tablets now down mechanically, without encountering more resistance. The

met every Friday at the table, but soon began to no longer enough. I wanted to redeem my side for the failure of a whole life, I wanted to touch my heart like nobody had ever managed to do. I began to follow her every day, every hour, every moment. I was invisible, I could do it. I soon noticed that gave herself to someone who would never have been able to touch the heart as I did. Paul and Milena, soon married. Gianni the Monster soon alone again. It was then that I decided to call it quits.

- This morning I met that guy, his name, John ... it was strange, saying that she must speak. What the fuck you want from that monster?

last time. I wanted to see her one last time before he died. I followed even today, I decided to show me, although I did not know how he would react. Milena has not disappointed me was polite, as always. Hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

- Yes which is strange, that, but not a bum? What the hell was he doing dressed like a mannequin? Perhaps it's going to stop the mess in the canteen, Milena. There are too many people fucking. See you later, call me when you hear the message.

He had invited Paul to dinner to cook his favorite dish, chicken curry. He asked me if I could help her carry on spending.

Gianni collected his last strength, he lay down in what remains of Miles, his naked body crossed from death, his dark eyes drowned in horror, her ponytail loose on the floor without sliding your fingers between the raven hair caked with blood, finally free oppression of the tank cap. If John had a little more 'of life, would you use to make love to her.

I offered to cut the chicken into pieces.

still hot kisses his mouth, licking the blood splashed on her cheeks. Delves into twenty-six stab wounds in the chest wide open, caresses her heart, she smiles and closes his eyes.

I just wanted to touch her heart.
Goodbye. Gianni
the Monster.


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