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Gays Number In Mumbai

From the "Rest of Sasso in the month of February 2011

Some of you have already seen on stage at the Premio Nik Novecento in March or Pieve del Pino in September with their show" Absurd not too "or even around the province to support their voices with the presentations of the latest book by Roberto Carboni. They are "the best" small theater company formed by Michael Davalli and Delia Sebelin, actors and authors multifaceted and unpredictable, that our staff have met for a brief interview.


Michael: Michael, but if you prefer you can call me Michael.

Delia: Delia . Not for Delia Scala but why was the name of my maternal grandmother.


M. Soon I will celebrate the seventh anniversary of my fortieth birthday.

D. Thirty-eight in February. And you will not miss teens if they paid me: I enjoy it much more now than then, are more in love now then, do many more things ... and are much more child!


M. To come here I have taken the highway, then the new Porrettana, I made the round, the bridge and then another round ... then I would say that I come from the south - west with all due respect.

D. Depends: if I use the scooter or if I come on foot. The roads are many, millions of millions.

As the duo format?

M. In reality we are not a duo, we're a lot more, at least a dozen ... we are alike in pairs, but we are not relatives. We present two at a time like this, to feel less tired.

D. sometimes even alone, because if you are always together at the end there is spring.

You have decided to call "the best", why?

M. Why are we the best present in the square, but also on the street, the alley on the normal route and railway.

D . Well, the worst was not very inviting ...

If you are asked what kind of theater you do, what kind of theater do you do?

M. No offense to anyone, that's what I ask myself: what kind of theater we do? Seen here with me is that Delia us ask you: do you think that kind of theater we do and do theater?

D. Theatre we let him go to whoever can do. We have fun and just hope that people who have fun watching us at least a little of what we enjoy ourselves.

How did your own show?

M. We send lots of mail with ideas, ideas, drafts, each one staying at home. When we think we have some 'material, we meet and read it. The pieces that "resist" are dismantled, reworked, modernizing, all rigorously restructured without an invoice.

D. Mamma mia, it seems that one thing to fear. In short, we stand and shoot ... what comes to mind. Then, all in a pot ... and soup is ready. Always al dente.

current and future projects?

M. promote our show "not too absurd," continued in collaboration with Roberto Carboni and then Hollywood, a pair of Oscars, the David di Donatello and finally a Golden Lion for career without an Olympic medal and a rule Champions League.

D. Surviving ... tastefully .

what you like and what you hate the theater?

M. I like going to the theater which is much better than the fact that the theater is going to be me because I would not know where to put it and I'd be afraid of falling into the prompter's box. I really like to see in the audience who do not like the show when asked his wife to pass the remote. Instead hate having to pay the ticket to our shows because they are better in the poster or live.

D. I do not like the show that made her suffer. Be it cinema or theater is the same: we suffer enough in life, why should I even go to see something that makes me sick? There is need to feel good. And you can make people laugh and think together.

Apart from the theatrical activities of what you do?

M. 15 years are a secret agent, so secret that nobody knows, I myself have discovered this morning. In summer I have a kiosk piadina market in Kathmandu.

D. And I serve at the tables ... piadina

Pros and cons of your partner?

M. Delia is determined, precise, strong-willed. As a woman, the defects can imagine them, but his special is to become unapproachable one hour before the shows.

D. Even Michael is correct. The thing I like about him is that when he says one thing then get serious. In short, do not leave things halfway. For defects ... told me to tell you that it's nice to bother.

greet 'the best' a bit disoriented from their answers, ripping out the promise of being on stage Nik Novecento award again this year.

Anyway I invite you to go on their blog: to be updated on their dates and look at youtube videos of their shows.


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