Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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The Brotherhood - Bowling and Manuela BENASSI

Author: Manuela Benassi
Publisher: Sirius Publishing
Genre: Noir
Pages: 224
Cost: Euro 12.50

FOURTH: What can hide a meeting between a young man and young woman until then unknown to each other? A few days will be enough to go to hell and come out alive, but with a terrible truth hidden until then. Against the background of the story of Sarah and Daniel emerge a Versilia and Tuscany in the underbrush where predators roam unscrupulous, camouflaged in unexpected voices, such as a brotherhood of charity. And, even if the puzzle will eventually be resolved, it remains unanswered the most unsettling questions: how many victims never known of horrendous crimes such as pedophilia and infanticide?
A noir novel, leterario debut of a young writer, which shows in an original and compelling the eternal struggle between good and evil.

RATING: The novel is listed as noir while not exactly the connotations of the genre. I'd call it more of a thriller with strong shades of pink. The plot unfolds through the frantic search for a truth that the protagonists do not know but who know they have to search, using clues scattered throughout the course and meetings that will make things rather difficult.
Although there are gross errors in the construction of the plot, I personally do not wowed, I found it a bit 'flat and not very compelling, and in the stylistic choices that interweaving. The characters seem to accept too liabilities events, sometimes on the edge of the paranormal, which fall on him, not thick and do not have anything new in regard to all the characters we know already addressed within the narrative genre, the key episodes are cleared too easily, from a purely internal and emotionally, the relationship between the protagonists are not thorough enough. The result is to close the book with a little 'dissatisfaction.
The key elements of the novel, a couple formed by a sensitive and intelligent man and a woman with too many secrets, a mysterious city in medieval strong colors, a religious brotherhood with the bad guy that is obviously one of the leading pieces of the organization a frantic search through clues left in various places and a happy ending all too obvious, they know all too Da Vinci Code and subsequent emulations. The setting
homemade and style of the author, that after all is not bad although sometimes tend to indulge in descriptions Physical unnecessary for the purposes of narrative, but not enough to compensate for the lack of originality of plot, which turns out to be the final all too obvious. The cleaning
text leaves something 'to be desired. We are open quotes bad case accented that are actually written with the apostrophe and too many of euphonic, but all things do not bother too much reading.
I think that noir fans may be disappointed by this text because the key elements of film noir are not made carefully, however only touched, probably a book best suited to lovers of romance, both for the relationship between the two protagonists is for scenarios Family members are told.


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