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daisies - Manuela GIACCHETTO

Title: Bowling daisies
Author: Manuela
Jacket Publisher: Las Vegas
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 200
Price: € 12.00

FOUR: It happens to run dry, with a perfect feeling of not achieving anything. Just like when we want but we can not finish a book. So Lorenzo is called for. To stop thinking about the unique and sexy girl who has just left, to throw the tires chewing gum stuck on the shelves of the library, to rearrange his thoughts, and why not, end up Joyce's Ulysses. But to close the doors often we find ourselves open to others and Lorenzo began to be interested in a particular secret admirer. Why him? What do they want to say the notes left on the door? And who, seeing that knows no other women besides the ubiquitous ex? Accompanied by his faithful friend Cionco, Lorenzo discovers how difficult it is to do without the unexpected.

RATING: Bowling Daisies is the story of Lorenzo, but light-hearted disillusioned twenty-eight, told through his experiences of life past and present: his former omnipresent Elizabeth, his best friend Cionco and the novelty of secret admiration which leaves him notes and mute calls. In the background reading of Joyce's Ulysses accompanying Lorenzo from twenty-five to twenty-eight years, a lot of cumbersome and demanding presence.
It 's a funny book, humorous and very pleasant to devour in a few hours. Although the plot does not present ideas is well built, well-characterized characters, dialogue and incidents recounted extremely credible and plausible. But the strong point of the book is undoubtedly the author's style: crisp, lively, even fun. I was particularly
Manuela Jacket affected the ability to not say too much yet, nor in the cliché of writing too feminine or vice versa in the mimicking of a distinctly masculine narrative, creating a perfect balance between deep thought and superficial gestures typical of a mature but still too disturbing as inevitable the one that is going to meet his hero.
The author has sewn a dress that falls to the brush on his character, not to exceed ever and ever without being too invasive. Reveals the feelings of Lorenzo and his inner growth through its neuroses, its weaknesses, its little quirks, her fetishes preserved as relics, all seasoned with a hint of irony that leads the reader to the end.
For all two hundred pages are easy-going atmosphere, we laugh and we are moved, because the fears, doubts and joys of Lorenzo and the characters are those that revolve around everyone, and Lorenzo, Mara , and Elizabeth, in Cionco is very easy to identify with and share their feelings.
The form is very refined, typos are virtually absent and in addition to being a book the content is also a nice pleasure to read.
For me it is definitely a book to read, passed with flying colors. Congratulations to the author and congratulations to Las Vegas for this little gem packed.


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