Friday, March 12, 2010

What Is The Life Expectancy With Wegeners


A boat painfully emerges from the smoke of fog water by metallic shades on struggling to bring its two passengers in the sight of an island that is almost seems to be a book of Stevenson's only one small dock and pier for the remainder of cliffs overlooking the sea. island that has already threatened there is only a mental unusually militarizzato.E the two, who are federal agents who enter this property unaware of what they attende.Benvenuti island nightmare. They are looking for a patient very dangerous at times mysteriously scomparsa.Ma appearances ingannano.Shutter Island is the cornerstone of Scorsese reread traditional genres like noir less noble, like the thriller or horror. At the same time the asylum proves fine inlay psychopathological Chinese boxes stuffed with quotations from the film that noble fu.Da Fuller Siodmak in passing mandatory for many Hitchcock films the movie unfolds before our eyes like a carpet made from red glowing scarlet of sangue.Gli nightmares into reality jagged wedge, deformation, the same way as a magnetic tape that goes back and forth wildly in the reproduction of what is recorded.

officially enrolled in the Scorsese film genre but it does not exploits clichet, does not insist on the ambiguity that such a story, it may, we delivered on a silver platter the soluzone the film from the very first time relying on a protagonist in a constant state confusionale.Perchè will also be thinking of a movie made at the box office but at the same time threatening and shows stratificato.Shutter Island is a Gothic nightmare prone all'arzigogolo but that rises above the other spans mucchio.E ' true that at times of high suggestion successive times weaker franc meets with the parties most verbose of the film, those in which author and characters are scrambling to explain all the previous (perhaps even with some loss of tone for a few minutes to put up as the DiCaprio or free climbers as the history of anagrams). But even these moments that show the less noble part of the film for me are always under review in positive the refusal by the director to be inserted, almost chained in genere.L of elements of the 'ending of the film as well as force to review mentally what we saw in the previous two hours and passes it provides the prospect for the final reading of the film: the search for 'expiation of sin through the suffering of castigo.Scorsese after going on the velvet-tested script with bomb-proof this time The Departed own risk moving beyond the bar of his own ambition autoriale.Ne a film that comes out all over' ambition shows the undoubted ability to make films with sequences that are directed almost get the heart pounding (and not to shabby tricks from horror to fourth order) for the skill with which they are turn, like everything the beginning or in the secret tracking of Hall C. At the same time, however, the film proves uneven, almost forced to be made more understandable by the big pubblico.E 'Perhaps this is the biggest flaw of the film in At times it seems more designed to be readily accepted by many other predicaments pubblico.In shows the complexity of the work, there is an air of great cinema.Una small notation: the first sequences with DiCaprio intent to vomit in the bathroom mirror and then to me immediately brought to mind a great film inexplicably passed over in silence of our Peppuccio Tornatore: it was a mere formality, night game between Depardieu and Roman Polanski in the massacre ....

RATING 7 / 10


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