Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chloe's Wears Colored Contacts Days Of Our Lives


I remember that game well that now has 15 anni.Era the first rugby world I saw, were the first games I saw in a time when he was an unknown sport in Italy (formerly the exclusive broadcast in the now defunct pay TV Tele +). It was a beautiful game, many blocks, too scared to even sbagliare.Vidi the walkway that Mandela did with the shirt of Springbocks and it seemed just a tribute, perhaps folklore, the team of his nazione.Ora after all these years thanks to Invictus are able to reinterpret the meaning of all these gestures, the shirt worn by the symbolic value of such high importance who had that world rugby in the history of South Africa, a nation until then confined in a limbo (even sport, the Springboks could not participate in international competitions but could make only luxury-test matches, performances with other national) from the scourge apartheid still open. Invictus is not just a movie sportivo.E 'a film that uses sport to tell a fragment of the history sudafricana.Racconta especially the temerity of a man who understands that the first if there is no reconciliation South Africa will never leave the pit dug by the segregation razziale.E the rugby team (hated by the entire black population) is a symbol around which all come together, whites and blacks to finally give meaning to the rainbow flag that represents the nation sudafricana.Invictus is a portrait of Mandela behind the scenes, impress his vision of the world so detached, his philosophy always geared to go beyond (and in this sense is limited to dialogue Pienaar with the captain of the team invited to take tea at Palazzo), his courage in taking unpopular decisions that potentially then miraculously run at its favore.E 'an ode to an extraordinary man who goes all the admiration of Eastwood.Il which for its part, the narrator of race manages to wipe all the rhetoric of the sports film in favor of his cinema-style classic, large-scale action sequences, camera movements essential, a assembly that is never dominated by the heat of the moment even more excited in the sequences of the consignments of rugby.Eastwood able to tell the story of a man with his clear political vision (at the bottom end is not clear where the political calculus and start rooting for the team even though there is the impression that the passion for the Springboks to grow with the passage of the games) has averted the danger of civil war and it does no sleeves at all, going to take even the smallest particolare.Due are the moments when the emotion overflows: a visit to the prison of Nelson Mandela with the Springbok captain Francois Pienaar who can not comprehend how you manage to live in an environment small enough to be measured with the width of the arms and the first national tour of the slums populated by blacks trying to bring a smile to those places forgotten by God and others uomini.Dopo the initial mutual suspicion that the heart opens to the work of sorriso.Esemplare Freeman and Damon (with some muscles more than usual) giving us two very good work by subtraction interpretazioni.Invictus in my humble opinion is not the masterpiece we are talking about but it's still a good movie made from what we might consider 'Last of the great authors classici.Un film that starts from sports to talk about Storia.Quella with a capital ....

VOTE 7.5


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